This build uses mainly lightning infused STR weapons and lightning spears for those tricky situations where some ranged damage gives you an edge.

VIG and END are upgraded to the first soft cap, VIT should be sufficient to wear the mentioned items, ATT gives 3 Slots for those lightning spears, STR/FTH are boosted to the softcap to maximize stat:damage ratio, DEX to use the weapons, INT is at the minimum and ADP uses the remaining points to maximize casting speed.


Starting Class Bandit
Level 150
Vigor 20
Endurance 20
Vitality 21
Attunement 16
Strength 40
Dexterity 22
Adaptability 19
Intelligence 1
Faith 40


RH1 Lightning Mace +10
LH1 Lightning Mace +10
RH2 Lightning Stone Twinblade +10
LH2 Priest's Chime
RH3 Dragonrider's Bow +5 (infuse if you like)
LH3 Drangleic Shield

Maces powerstanced do a lot of damage and are pretty fast, making up for the short range. Twinblade moveset is pretty OP if you have to fight off a red phantom, but it's also viable for groups of weak opponents. Dragonrider's Bow is best for STR based builds to pull or kill enemies on range, if you're not entirely relying on it, just for those special occasions where sniping is needed. Priest's chime works great with 40 FTH.


Alvas Armor +10
Stone Ring
Chloranthy Ring
Stone Ring
Clear Bluestone Ring

Drangleic shield and Alva's armor have a pretty good protection-to-weight ratio, so go with it and you won't need more than 21 vitality even with this arsenal of weapons.

Ring of Blades boosts powerstance damage, Stone Ring helps to stagger enemies with the maces.
Powerstance builds are pretty hungry for stamina so chloranthy ring should do the trick.
Clear Bluestone Ring helps to fire those lightning spears even faster but you can use nearly every ring in the fourth slot(Ring of Prayer, Sun Seal and Southern Ritual Band(for more spells) are also very good) while the other 3 are mandatory for this melee focussed build.


2x Lightning Spear
1x Great Lightning Spear (downspiced to 40 FTH req)


If you like to, you can free up some points from STR, which will reduce the damage but free up some points for other stats like ADP (casting speed and resistances). You can also go for FTH to do more lightning damage and to use the dragon chime. You could boost VIT to wear heavier armor or some heavier weapons like the large/great club (or just throw some of your weapons in the box). You can boost ATT to carry more spells like heal to be more supportive in coop and to get more casts for each slot.


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