Cleric - Allrounder in all ways.


This build does tons of damage to all of the PVE enemies in the game.
You are able to kill them in close combat with your club or in range with your miracles.
Kill Knights and Soldiers with the weapon, anything with your miracles.
Escape with Heals and fast roll.

This build is a focus on the stats which are already raised when you pick the cleric.
We won't waste points with Int, Vit or Dex(!).

If it's your first playthrough, forget any weapon you find in the beginning of the game and focus on your Mace.
I tested a lot of weapons and i know that your start item is one of the best weapons you will find with this build.

Great Club
You will find it in The Gutter. It only needs some Points in Str and then the fun begins. Smash your foes with high Damage output, thanks to your faith scaling.

Slash Damage
Your Mace and Club only do Strike Damage.
You maybe need some Slash Damage. Take a Bandit Axe. With Boltstone and as high as you can with Titanite.

Dragon Chime
By far the best Chime for miracles. You don't have the Int for Hexes and you don't want to cast Hexes. So forget any kind of Weapon and Chime which allows you to cast them. Your Dark Modifier is low as well.
Max the Dragon Chime to +5 and infuse it again with a Boltstone.
You can hit enemies with R2 ;)

Pyromancy Flame
Fire scales with Int and Faith. Your fire isn't as high as your lightning, but it's more then enough to use the Flame as well.
If enemies resist your lightning damage, burn them down. But don't forget that you have to be closer with the Flame.
You have also access to spells like the Toxic Mist and Flash Sweat.

The Blossom Kite Shield has the best over all stats of all Stamina regenerating shields.
If you have the slot free for the Chloranthy Ring, you can take the Watcher's Shield for the best over all defense with low weight.
If you need 100% physical defense, take the Red Rust Shield with the high Stability.

Ring of Prayer
First must have. You need the 5 extra Faith to use your Sunlight Spear.
Even if you go to 55 Faith with your stats, you'll take this ring. So let your Faith at 50 and invest the points in better stuff.

Sun Seal
Second must have. It raises your damage with your miracles.

Clear Bluestone Ring
Third must have. You will cast faster. With this ring, all your points in Faith and Attunement will get a bonus.
It makes no sense to ignore this ring. Use it.

4th optional Slot
Use the Ring that fits your situation here.
Ring of Binding if you are hollowed.
Any Ring with Defense (Quartz Rings for example).
Chloranthy Ring if you need the Red Rust Shield or if you don't need any other extra Ring.
King's Ring if you want to go through the gates.

Hexer Hood > Saint's Hood
I don't know why but the Hexer Hood gives you a point in Int AND in Faith.
The Sain'ts Hood only 1 point in Faith. The extra point in Int raises your HP slightly. It's not the main reason, but the Hexer Hood is just that little bit better then the Saint's Hood. So take the Hexer one ;)
Both Hoods give you extra Spells.

Llewellyn Set
For Chest, Legs and Hands take the Llewellyn Set. You will find it to the mid/end of the game in the King's Passage.
It has no poise* but high defense in all ways and that comes with great weight for us.
With this Set and your weapons you will be at 50-69% Burden.

Lion Mage Set
You can use this set if you don't want to go in close combat or if you would die instantly anyway.
It raises your cast speed and is better then wearing nothing against enemies which onehits you.
Low weight allows you to regenerate stamina even faster and roll further.

Poise is great for someone who uses a club as a weapon, because you are open when you attack.
BUT! You don't put any points in ADP, so your Poise will only raise with Equipment.
If you want Equipment with Poise, you need at least some VIT to wear the stuff.
I recommend to forget VIT and poise and take the Llewellyn Set with the good over all stats in defense.
Roll away and stop taking damage. The set is only there to survive the few hits you could take.
You have miracles to fight in range battle, so don't run in.
The club will let the enemies take a closer look to the ground, so you don't have to fear alot of hits.

Of course you take as many Lightning Spears of any kind as possible.
If you are new in the area, don't forget your Healing Spells and the Caressing Prayer to cure poison.
If your enemies use fire, magic or lightning damage, protect yourself with the Magic Barriers.

Focus on 22 Faith first to use the Lightning Spears.
Then 42 Faith for the Great one. If you are near the 30 medals, bring Faith to 50.
Don't Forget the Ring for the last 5 Points.

Maximize your cast speed and the attunement Slots with this Stat.
Only put points in here if you need an additional Slot. You don't need 4 Slots if you only use 1 Spear and 2 Heals.
Don't waste points here. You only need 10, 20, 30, 40, 50,… points. Nothing between.

Only put points in Strength if you need the 15Str for the Axe or if you are near The Gutter for the Great Club.
Stop at 28. Your weapon and the spells will scale with your Faith. But the spells won't scale with Str.

If you have souls for a few level ups and you don't need faith or attunement, take some extra health. 25 is enough for the end game in my oppinion.

You need tons of Stamina to wield the Club, roll and cast Spells. But don't take too many points here, because you regenerate the stamina fast with your Shield or Ring. 22 is enough for the end game in my oppinion.

Dexterity DO NOT LVLUP
The good news is. You don't need it.
You could take it for Halberds or Swords. But you won't.. trust me. I tested some Axes, Swords and Halberds. All are not worth the points in Dex.

Vitality* DO NOT LVLUP
With a weapon, a chime and a shield there is no need for more VIT.
VIT is the reason i took the LLewelyn Set. You don't need more Equip burden.

Adaptability DO NOT LVLUP
You get enough movement speed because of your attunement. You don't need the Poise here.

Intelligence DO NOT LVLUP
You don't need it. You have miracles and pyromancies. You have no need for sorceries or Hexes.

*You may put more points in this Stats in NG+

Some weapon tests:
I tested a few weapons and here are the results.

Archdrake Mace
As a Lightning Archdrake Mace +10 it only does 375 Damage (Player Info Stat).
This Hammer is not worth to put points in Dex or picking it up….
Only the Halberd-Moveset is cool.

Defender Greatsword
It's a great weapon but as Lightning Defender Greatsword +5 it does less damage then the club.
It's not worth to put points in Dex or waste the Bones.

Thorned Greatsword
Has a nice Special attack but is not as strong with normal attacks as the Defender Greatsword.
Not worth the points in Dex or waste the Bones.

Dragonslayer Spear
I am disappointed. The Spear does no damage with attacks and the special attack isn't worth any points in dex or whatever…
The Thrust Damage isn't worth the points in Dex.

Heide Weapons
All not worth the points in Dex. Take the Axes for Slash Damage.

Not bad! It does 557 Damage (Player Info Stat) as Fire Halberd +10.
But you need points in Dex for it. Forget it and take the Axes for Slash Damage.

Mace of the Insolent
It has useless stats in Dark and is a bad chime.


Starting Class Cleric
Vigor 25
Endurance 22
Vitality 8
Attunement 50
Strength 28
Dexterity 5
Adaptability 4
Intelligence 4
Faith 50


Lightning Great Club +10
Lightning Mace +10
Lightning Dragon Chime +5
Pyromancy Flame +10
Blossom Kite Shield +10
Watcher's Shield
Red Rust Shield


Llewellyn Armor
Llewellyn Gloves
Llewellyn Shoes
Hexer Hood
Chloranthy Ring
Dispelling Ring
Ring of Prayer
Sun Seal


Lightning Spear
Great Lightning Spear
Sunlight Spear
Great Magic Barrier
Great Heal
Caressing Prayer


Hit Armor with Club.
Hit anything else with Miracles.
Heal yourself.

Do not waste points in Dex or Int.


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