Chime Hammer Hexer


This is a fun, NG friendly, PvE Build geared for hexes and the Sacred Chime Hammer. The hexer's hood grants 1 point to int and faith, and the set keeps you light for rolling . Flynn's ring gives your hammer extra damage for smashing mobs while the Abyss Ring will augment hexes for use against bosses, at the worhtwhile cost of some HP every cast.

The sacred chime hammer has a good moveset and high damage, but I don't recommend using the two-handed special attack, as the Affinity orbs cast will rarely hit and take durability.

The Sunset Staff is available early on, so long as your intellect and faith are both 20, and is great for hexes. Caitha's chime is the fastest chime with the second-highest dark damage, after the chime of want, so your chime is up to preference and whether or not you want to also cast some healing or support miracles such as lightning spears or Magic Barriers

Dark orbs will do plenty of damage and are highly spammable, while GRS will hit the hardest against bosses that aren't resistant to dark. Dark storm is useful against invaders as it will knock them down and deal decent damage.

Your Fire bonus will also be high, so keep this in mind when facing foes resistant to dark


Starting Class Deprived
Level 150
Vigor 26
Endurance 20
Vitality 9
Attunement 30
Strength 40
Dexterity 12
Adaptability 6
Intelligence 30
Faith 30


Right: Dark Sacred Chime Hammer +5
Left: Dark Sunset Staff +5, Dark Caitha's Chime + 10 OR Dark Chime of want + 5, Pyromancy Flame +10


Rings: Third Dragon Ring, Southern Ritual Band +1, Abyss Ring, Flynn's ring/Ring of blades

Armor: Hexer's set


Dark/Resonant Weapon
Dark Orb
Dark Storm
Great Resonant Soul x2
Great Fireball
Flame Whip
Flame Swathe
Chaos Storm/Outcry
Forbidden Sun


The one-handed strong attack will cause a delayed forward swing which hits farther away and is good for catching quick enemies that backsteps away.

Dark storm/choas storm cause your character to kneel, which often will catch PVP opponents off guard if your casting speed is high enough as they may try to attack you while you cast.


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