Chaos Sorcerer (V2)


Chaos Sorcerers are sorcerers who have fallen from the path of honor and light, into the path of chaos and dark. They use destructive dark magic called Hexes, and powerful fire magic called Pyromancies.

The Chaos Sorcerer build is a PvP and PvE based build that uses Hexes and Pyromancies. As such, any weapon that deals high amounts of dark and/or fire damage is ideal.


Starting Class Warrior
Level 350
Vigor 35
Endurance 50
Vitality 25
Attunement 75
Strength 7
Dexterity 41
Adaptability 45
Intelligence 75
Faith 50


Slot 1 - Dark/Fire Chaos Rapier +5
Slot 2 - Dark Sunset Staff +5

Slot 1 - Basic/Dark/Fire Chaos Shield +5
Slot 2 - Pyromancy Flame +10 / Dark Pyromancy Flame +10


Head - Chaos Hood +5
Chest - Chaos Robe +5
Hands - Chaos Gloves +5
Legs - Chaos Boots +5

Slot 1 - Southern Ritual Band +2
Slot 2 - Chloranthy Ring +2
Slot 3 - Clear Bluestone Ring +2
Slot 4 - Dark Clutch Ring / Fire Clutch Ring / Old Leo Ring/Ring of Blades +2 / Simpleton's Ring

Slot 1 - Estus Flask
Slot 2 - Old Radiant Gem
Slot 3 - Wilted Dusk Herb / Crimson Water
Slot 4 - Repair Powder
Slot 5 - Divine Blessing / Poison Moss


Slot 1 - Affinity (3)
Slot 2 - Recollection (1) / Dark Orb (1)
Slot 3 - Dark Hail (2) / Dark Fog (2)

Slot 4 - Forbidden Sun (3) (Great Chaos Fireball is also an option if in Brotherhood of Blood covenant)
Slot 5 - Fire Snake (2) / Chaos Storm (1) X2
Slot 6 - Lingering Flame (2) / Flame Swathe (1) X2


-It is required to go through Chaos Sorcerer Navlaan's questline in order to get the Forbidden Sun pyromancy and the Chaos Set without killing him. You do not have to kill the people, just obtain "proof" that you did. (If you kill Navlaan, you have to purchase his set from Melentia in Majula/Forest of Fallen Giants, and you won't get Forbidden Sun.)

-Recollection is found in Brume Tower, so the Crown of The Old Iron King DLC is required.

-This build is not recommended for players who are not skilled in dodging attacks, as this build requires a huge amount of dodging and virtually no blocking.

-It is highly recommended to keep a steady supply of spell restoration items, as certain enemies who are resistant to dark and/or fire damage will take a lot of hits from this build. (Such as the Fume Knight)

-This build works well for both the Pilgrims of Dark and Brotherhood of Blood covenants, as the rewards for said covenants are dark and fire based, respectively. The latter would the more enjoyable gameplay, due to the higher build quality of this build and other players' builds.

-All of the equipment listed requires Twinkling Titanite to upgrade, so it is strongly recommended that you farm them from Dragon Aerie's many crystal lizards using bonfire ascetics.


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