Chaos Knight


Use items and gear that will leave the enemy in a chaotic state of being.


Starting Class Knight
Level 150
Vigor 35
Endurance 20
Vitality 30
Attunement 20
Strength 35
Dexterity 18
Adaptability 36
Intelligence 3
Faith 6


Right-Hand 1: Gyrm Great Hammer +10
Left-Hand 1: Lightning Washing Pole +10
Left-Hand 2: Dark Pyromancy Flame +10


If you are going to be using Forbidden Sun use, Hexer's Hood.
If not using Forbidden Sun use, Penal Mask
Smelter Demon Armor
Smelter Demon Gauntlets
Smelter Demon Leggings

Ring 1: Old Sun Ring (Staple)
Ring 2: Royal Soldier's Ring +2
The last 2 rings I'm experimenting with and is optional but if you want to try and use it you can.

Safer Rings:
Ring 3: Third Dragon Ring
Ring 4: Chloranthy Ring +2

Ring 3: Gower's Ring of Protection
Ring 4: Third Dragon Ring


Spell 1: Flame Swathe
Spell 2: Flame Weapon
Spell 3: Great Combustion
Spell 4: Personal choice.
Forbidden Sun is an optional choice if you prefer the spell and want to punish Haterade Chuggers.


This build offers high defense armor and you play hyper offense with the washing pole and GGH. You are versatile and you will be able to medium role with all this stuff equipped too.


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