Catarina Smasher


Physically resistant Catarina armor and an inconceivable amount of offensive damage with high hp and stamina is a hard to beat mix


Starting Class Explorer
Level 220
Vigor 50
Endurance 40
Vitality 50
Attunement 7
Strength 70
Dexterity 23
Adaptability 23
Intelligence 5
Faith 5


Right hand: Raw Smelter Hammer +10 (DLC) or other great hammer, Heavy crossbow+10
Left Hand: Havel's Greatsheild, Optional pyromancy flame


Catarina armor at any level (the higher the better)
Life ring +2 or +3 (DLC)
Ring of Giants +2
Royal Soldier's Ring +2
Third Dragon Ring or Southern Ritual ring


None but the build can handle pyromancy.


Pyromancy is not recommended.
Block often but not all the time
Be confident like Siegmeyer
When fighting casters be careful, the Catarina armor isn't that resistant to magic but Havel's shield should manage. Still finish them quick.


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