CaptTosswaffle's Warlock


Fast, light sorc that packs a punch and can take hit from anything..


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 1540493
Vigor 15
Endurance 12
Vitality 12
Attunement 20
Strength 16
Dexterity 9
Adaptability 12
Intelligence 64
Faith 31


Fire long sword +10 (recommended), Black witch's Staff +6 or better (preferred for hexes, miracles, and sorceries), pyromancy flame +8 (optional), Drangleic Shield +4 or higher (recommended)…………also advised to carry a raw long sword +6..


Hexer's hood +1, Dark Armor +1, Dark Gauntlets +1, Dark Leggings +1. Chloranthy Ring, Clear Bluestone Ring, Ring of Steel Protection +1 (optional- I mainly use this slot for multiple other rings that provide def depending on area), Ring of Blades.


Great Heavy Soul Arrow x 2..or which ever is preferred.., Dark Orb, and whichever of your choice..I've been playing with lightning spear and pyromancies..


Raise Str and Dex first!! You need to be able to use the fire long sword and Drangleic shield early in the play through as they will keep you alive..Practice dodging and aim for back stabs when possible and save spells for bigger enemies..Chloranthy ring will help heaps for tricky situations and keep you in the fight..also when using the spells Dark orb and Soul Arrows..switching between the 2 I found helpful as usually 1 will hurt more than the other depending on where you are…Have fun!!


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