The exalted


Jennifer(my build threw the game!) is a heavy warrior skilled in all arts, but could use some here and there if needed. being versitile with nearly everything very little even stands in your way to threaten you.


Starting Class Swordsman
Level 250(my level right now)
Vigor 50, for that sweet big red bar
Endurance 30 so you can wear the best you have, even havel!
Vitality 31 more attacks
Attunement 25 splls
Strength 50 to wield nearly all weapons
Dexterity 50 to wield nearly all weapons :D
Adaptability 20because of that extra iframe
Intelligence 8-40 (depending on build type)
Faith 8-40 (Same^)


right hand:
Fire Curved Dragon Greatsword
Left hand: Black witches staff +10 or wisdom staff +10 or pyro flame +10(for whatever spells you wish to use)
and defenders shiled +3 is just an amazing shield, if u want to parry go for the magic shiled for even spell parry
if u wana crush, havels shield


i\I usualy go with Hexers hood +3 and the steel set +10 you can switch up guantlets and leggings for your purpose
your rings should be Third dragon ring, mor attacking and spells and life!!!
ring of life protection/\ OR /\ clear blue bluestone ring +3 for extra cast speed
cloranthy ring +2 for all that stamina in your heavy gear
and then ring of blades +2 for some more damage


i usualy go hexes or fire so

Dark orb x3 (love my dark orb, with 20 20 fth and int and hexers hood you get 75 shots!)
scraps of life is always fun
and maybe a resonint souls to just shoot people

Fire orb x 2
Fireball x 2
flame sweath x 2

Crystal magic weapon ( 2 casts with hood)
Crystal homing soul mass(note, this is if u have a high int)
crystal soul spear
soul spear

Lighting bolt x 6(just yes)


Depending on your style you can use this build for abslolutly anything you need, form spells to smashing everything with a big ass hammer, witch you can powerstance by holding the 2-handing button, and just wreak on those casuals
this build is mainly PVE i havent tested in PVP yet cuz i dont have xbox live ;-;


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