Bull Mistress PVP


Watch them DIE!!


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 395
Vigor 99 (great to have lots of HP, especially if u want to use Life Ring +3)
Endurance 50 (must be no less)
Vitality 41 (the more the better)
Attunement 12 (I was a sorcerer :( )
Strength 30 (needed fo powerstance and some scaling)
Dexterity 99 (a must have)
Adaptability 99 (a must have)
Intelligence 14
Faith 4


Right hand:
1.Poison Spotted Whip +5
2.Magic Warped Sword +5
3.Puzzling Sword +5

Left hand:
1.Poison Spotted Whip +5
2.Magic Washing Pole +10
3.Lightning Varangian Sword +10 (no matter what I do, still this sword has the greatest damage output of all the class)


1.Minotaur Helm +10 - for increased poise and fashion souls
2.Executioner Armor +5 - DAS IST ULTRASCHÖN!!
3.Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet +10 - for additional poison damage
4.Blood-Stained Skirt +10 - VERY decent armor for its weight

1.Third Dragon Ring
2.Chloranthy Ring +2
3.Crest of the Rat - additional poison stacking
4.Royal Soldiers Ring +2 - to increase stamina regen (or use any other ring of your choice)


You may use any - it is none of importance


1.Powerstance two whips and poison enemies (Under mentioned conditions, you will gain 287+305 poison damage (!) so most enemies will get poisoned by one powerstance attack)
2.Fastswitch to Warped Pole strategy (powerstance Warped sword and Washing Pole - you may have guessed) and make them suffer from inability to cure.
3.Profit (statistic says I win almost 80% of duels)

Also you may run into some crazyroll guys who just won't get poisoned - in this case, use Varangian Sword - it's great for rollers.

Almost 50% of duelists try to eat Poison Moss as soon as they get poison stacked - use it to your advantage. Some begin panicking - no comments here, just slaughter them.

Enjoy your new scary build!


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