Starting Class Bandit
Level 150
Vigor 50
Endurance 32
Vitality 29
Attunement 13
Strength 20
Dexterity 25
Adaptability 23
Intelligence 1
Faith 10


RH1: Fire Chaos Blade / Fire Washing Pole / Fire Claymore
RH2: Lightning Old Whip
RH3: Any Chime for GMB

LH1: Lightning Warped Sword
LH2: Shield (will explain later)
LH3: Pyro Flame


Penal Mask
Alonne Captain Chest
Alonne Knight
Bone Skirt

Third Dragon
Soldiers (with Washing Pole and Claymore) / Life (with Chaos Blade)


Flame Weapon and GMB (spiced down to 10 Fth)


Always start the fight with buffing your weapon and GMB. Warped in offhand is for parrys and stunlocks, it does quite high poise damage for such a fast weapon.

Basic Combo with the katanas is LB, RB, LB, RT, RT; if it connects, it will take more than half health of most enemies and in most cases, you have enough stamina left to roll away. Also try the running RB, its a very good, long range poke, especially with the Washing Pole (try to pull it off from strange angles —> play unlocked).

With the Claymore, try LB, RT, RT or LB, RB, LB, RT, RT. It has a very good range, high damage and is surprisingly fast.

The Lightning Old Whip is a backup and also used to completly change the pace of the fight. I mostly use it when its a close fight and we both have low HP. It works best if the opponent has no shield, its almost always a win. I also tend to use Holy Water Urns as a finisher, they do about 250 damage and have me won many fights because of their fast usage and good range.

I tend to use shields that shut down your opponents main damage source. If you see he uses Affinity, use Dark Transgressors Shield (100% dark reduction). You can also try to dodge them if you roll in the direction of the enemy, but then he can follow up with GRS after your roll. The shield is just safer.
Against Magic, i use Magic Magic shield (lol), 100% magic reduction.
Against Lightning, Lightning Clerics Small Shield, about 95% reduction.
And last, but not least, Watchers Shield for every other situation.

If you are fast enough, you can also swap rings when you are using the Chaos Blade: if you get low HP, just change Lifering for Red Tearstone, the damage is just amazing. I wouldnt recommend for the other weapons, because you will end up with over 50% equip load without soldiers ring.

The armor is quite nice, it gives you about 750-800 in every physical def stat and like 180-250 unbuffed in every elemental def stat. With the buff and the 2,4k health (with Life Ring, without its about 2,1k), you are almost unkillable. As i explained above, you always stay under 50% for the good rolls and good stamina recovery. It also gives you 61 Poise, which is enough to withstand a katana hit without beeing stunned (good for trades against enemies in light armour).

The Adp and Att give you 100 agi, which is about the same as the Dks1 fast roll in iFrames.

I hope you learned something from reading all this and have fun with this build. It gave me quite a success in PvP and i am having a lot of fun with it. You still need to play smart to win, but if you do it, you can win against every other build, even if they are high lvl (300+). The only downside is that my SM exploded after i started using this build^^


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