Hex Build


A fairly easy to make build.. my first sorcerer/mace play through and I could kill nasharda or however in 6 sunlight spears! High damage, mobility and SEXY.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 150 or lower
Vigor 15
Endurance 10
Vitality 20
Attunement 30
Strength 10
Dexterity 7
Adaptability 8
Intelligence 50
Faith 50


Dark Sunset staff +5 Magic Wisdom staff +5 Lightening dragon chime +5 Dark Chaitha chime +10 Dark Dagger +10 Dark Pyro Glove +10


Desert sorceress armor -head or lion mace armor either sets +whatever desert sorceress chest, Beauty, also either hexer hood (for extra. Casts or black hood for faster cast, never really saw much faster with black hood) … rings.) crest of dark, sunlight crest, ring of knowledge & ring of prayer


Dark orb great reasonant or whatever obtained from wheelchair covent guy after +3 or +2 in Pilgrims of dark sunlight spear (sun bros +3) great lightening spear any sorcery and Pyro you want to use. Also any hex is good just those are recomended.


The number of times I've gotten 1 hits in PvP is unreal. The dagger is there for back stabs. Great resonant is great except it uses a Max of 500 souls. I've soloed "the rotten on ng++++ and wasn't even worried. Great mobility keep equipment under 20% for a great roll. This build is amazing for PvP and PvE either or. Only real downfall is low health, but high mobility makes up for it if you know how to use the mobility to your advantage. It takes awhile to get used to not having a shield but trust me, HAVE TRUST IN YOU ROLL. Haha great build amazing fun. Message me or friend me on Xbox 360, Marbolo7 if any questions need answered


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