Bluemoon Jerk


This is a low soul memory build that gets a +10 bluemoon sword as soon as possible at around 32,000 SM


Starting Class Knight
Level 18
Vigor 12
Endurance 6
Vitality 7
Attunement 4
Strength 14
Dexterity 10
Adaptability 9
Intelligence 3
Faith 6


bluemoon sword


old knight armor set
ring of protection
chloranthy ring
ring of thorns
red tearstone ring
sun exploding ring
ring of blades
ring of giants +1




First what you do is pick knight class with bonfire ascetic. Then what you do is farm old knight set. Depending on luck, this could push your soul memory too high, might want to try more than once. Get merchants cap to help out, or farm on different character and trade. Then go kill last giant and level up to 18. Then kill the pursuer and buy cat's ring for a trip to the gutter. In lost bastille get 4 large shards, and 5 small shards (need to open smithy to do this). In gutter get 1 large shard, 1 chunk, branch of yore, and ring of giants +1. In the forest, get 3 shards, 1 large shard, 1 slab, and bon fire ascetic to get 3 chunks. in shaded woods get rings and 2 chunks.. This should get you to +10. Upgrade armor with left over souls and small shards. Collect 1 cracked eye orb in first area in caves, and 3 from area with 3rd fire in forest of giants. Now use your orbs or invade helpless new players! And if you want more, farm on different character and trade to this one. Twinking is still a thing even with soul memory!


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