Nimble Fencer


Dodging skills required, very squishy. The damage output per hit is better than any other rapiers for the black scorpion stinger, especially if raw. The point of the build is to remain as light as possible so the Sorcerer's Staff should remain unequiped until needed. High stamina for being able to just whack on your opponents in a large openings or times when excessive dodging is needed.

At higher soul levels pump stats into vgr and end


Starting Class Deprived
Level 151
Vigor 20
Endurance 60
Vitality 50
Attunement 10
Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 10
Faith 6


Raw black Scorpion Stinger +10
Shield of the Insolent

Magic Sorcerer's Staff +10


Third Dragon Ring
Royal Soldier Ring +2
Chloranthy Ring +2
Ring of Blades +2 or Stone ring

Thief's mask +10
Manikin Top +10
Manikin Gloves +10
Manikin Boots +10


Repair-use spices to lower requirement to 10


I would like to point out the outrageous fact that endurance does not soft cap in this souls game, although compared to dark souls 1 this version of endurance sucks it's still nice to know that there is a stat that you can pump without diminishing returns until you max it out.

Green Blossoms are not required but certainly help emphasize the techniques needed for this build.

This build is definitely not for mediocre or unskilled players, in fact I could almost consider this a build for a challenge run. The most important strategy in this build is stamina management, which generally isn't an issue for skilled souls players. Because even though you have a large stamina bar and extremely fast regenerative capabilities it is dangerous because a lot of tougher enemies will one shot you and most smaller ones will stun-lock you, and if you don't leave enough stamina for yourself to evade you will be extra screwed compared to other builds and we all know how painful making this mistake can be even on a build that makes you raging tank of meat and flesh. Having better-than-average reaction timing or predicting with this build is also a necessity. The goal of this build is generally to get in, do a few quick hits, and get out, all as fast as possible. This build's only weakness in my experience is large groups of enemies, because your hit boxes are so narrow it's hard to hit multiple enemies at once, fortunately the rapiers strike fast enough to get at least one hit in in a relatively small opening.

Since the Black Scorpion Stinger doesn't scale it's just a great invitation to make it raw, increasing the damage nicely. Also for those of you who don't know infusing a catalyst (magic for sorceries, dark for hexes and lightning for miracles) will augment your spells/hexes/miracles power. Use this to your advantage on the Sorcerers Staff because you won't be having many alternatives to this option, although you could just go spell-less entirely and put the 8 points into something else and use repair powders as a substitute.

The reason your equip load percentage is so low is because your base stamina recovery rate is inversely almost inversely proportionate to your equip percentage. The Third Dragon Ring and Royal Soldier Ring inadvertently boosts stamina recovery (although small) along with their current effects because of this mechanic.
The other reason for the outrageous equip load is because the lower the percentage if equip load you have the farther you will roll when dodging away. This can be useful to distance yourself or even punish someone who rolls away from you. Because you'll have the one of the longest roll distances in the game it will make it harder for people to punish your rolls if you roll away from them because you will cover more ground than most people.

Until you reach approximately 105 units for max equip load the Shield of the Insolent will actually decrease stamina regeneration, although not nearly as much as equipping another shield or weapon.

For PvP:
Rapiers are good at putting on the pressure to the opponent, which tends to make people screw up. And when you have a weapon like the Black Scorpion Stinger it can make people even more nervous because of the possible impending poison. So just the massive stamina values are not the only strong side of this build when used properly


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