Blazing Shadow Superthug


Be the flaming sneaky ultrabully your mother always wanted you to be. Heat up your thuglife with this easy-to-use and fun-to-play build that was taken directly from Al Capone's personal notebook. Finally, you will be able to combine the splendour of your gudness with the impact of your fist. Read on to find out how to become a master of the fiery death-punch.


Starting Class Deprived
Level 81+
Vigor 20+
Endurance 20+
Vitality 11
Attunement 20+
Strength 15+
Dexterity 30+
Adaptability 6
Intelligence 6+
Faith 6+


Travel to the icy plains of the DLC to fetch your personal Bone Fist. Upgrade it to +5 for maximum WHAM! Your other fist will be red from the burning flames of your fury. Make it a pyromancy flame +10 for that little extra BOOM!


Wear absolutely nothing to impress with your timelessly fashionable underwear and blind your enemies with your glowing white skin. Your glamour will grow from wearing the following four rings:

Flynn's Ring - get that diamond in the one carat gold! Your low equip load will make this thing explode

Ring of Blades - cut like a lightsaber with this stylish acessoire made of tiny letter openers

Third Dragon Ring - trust in the power of three to boost your health, stamina and equip load

Simpleton's Ring - turn into mist thanks to this flawless ruby jewel


Forbidden Sun - blow up everything with one giant fireball like everyone who got gud before you

Fire Snake - shake the snake and roast your foes with this twitching little gem from hell

Flame Weapon - make your fist burn with the fires of Izalith for that sweet extra meltdown effect

Fire Whip - give it to them good with this gorgeous-looking rope of flame

Great Combustion - disintegrate their sorry behinds with this spell that gets your steak way past medium in a matter of seconds

Firestorm - burn down their homes with this beautiful bag of all-hell-breaking-loose. Take whichever version your grandma told you to

Great Fireball - subtract the rest of their HP with this sneaky little son of a witch whenever you feel like throwing stuff around



Learn to channel your fiery anger by training to handle the Bone Fist. Find out whether you like to keep it swift and simple or if you're the type to take matters into two hands. Punch them hard and without mercy so they will be staggered to their untimely demise. Turn into mist whenever anything tries to hit you and throw giant fireballs from impossible angles. Use the distraction of the Forbidden Sun to turn into mist and uppercut the heck out of them. Be where nobody expects you to and make their bottoms turn red from hit and heat. If you feel like a little extra WHAM, level strength, then dexterity up to a whopping fifty points each. Raise your vigor to become unkillable. Push Endurance to never stop. If you love your left hand, go for Attunement and Intelligence or Faith. You can be what you want with this all-new shiny build from great people, for great people. Enjoy!


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