Black Witch


Predominantly Hex based build.


Starting Class Deprived
Level 150
Vigor 23
Endurance 15
Vitality 10
Attunement 50
Strength 7*
Dexterity 12*
Adaptability 6
Intelligence 50
Faith 30


Right Hand:
Dark Sunset Staff +5
Dark Scythe of Nahr Alma +5

Left Hand:
Dark Caitha's Chime +10


Black Witch Hat
Leydia Black Robe
Lion Mage Cuffs
Black Witch Trousers

Southern Ritual Band +2
Clear Bluestone Ring +2

Last 2 rings are of your own choice.


3x Dark Orb
1x Resonant Soul
2x Great Resonant Soul
1x Affinity


Intelligence score is to gain the additional orb from Affinity to maximize it's impact.

Health is mostly irrelevant due to wanting to keep things well out of melee range utilizing dodges and high ranged damage output.


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