Big Pally


50 faith + Lighting Zwei + Sunlight Blade + Miracles + Poise + HP = good trades and finish


Starting Class Cleric
Level 150
Vigor 47
Endurance 20
Vitality 14
Attunement 30
Strength 24
Dexterity 12
Adaptability 4
Intelligence 4
Faith 48


Lightning Zwei +10 (low req and huge damage with s.blade)
Lightning dragon chime (best and fastest faith implement)


insolent helm (50 faith)
archdrake's robes (fashion souls, bit of poise and holy roller swag)
havels gauntlets (or any other most defensive)
havels leggings (or any other most defensive)

third dragon
royal soldier +2 (70.0% with all the mentioned equipment)
*cloranthy +2 (to manage the 70.0%)
*giants +1 (for extra poise)


sunlight blade (makes trades worth it)
*gmb (for non-physical defence)
*sunlight spear (spiced, punish runaways)
*blinding bolt (spiced, set-ups)
*great heal (pally's gotta heal)


buff up and either trade blows or punish at range with lightning. sub out anything with * for situational rings and miracles to preference. cant roll but can block with 2-handed zwei pretty well, best to trade tho. for mirror matches can carry raw zwei with resin


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