Beloved of Dark


With high INT, FTH and ATN this character can use any school of magic very well, as well as employ lightning, dark or fire enchanted weaponry.


Starting Class Cleric
Level About 120
Vigor 20
Endurance 20
Vitality 20 or so
Attunement 20
Strength 16; see below
Dexterity 16; see below
Adaptability 4
Intelligence 30+
Faith 30+


Depends. I use a Dark Blue Flame, a Lightning Uchigatana and a Fire Longsword in my weapon slot, and the Sanctum Shield, Pyromancy Flame and Black Witches Staff in the offhand slots.


The Llewellyn chest and pants, Gloves as you wish, King's Crown because Duh.


One from each school. My recommendations are Dark Orb, Heavenly Thunder, Firestorm, and Soul Barrage. Other spells situationally.


This suggestion is based on magic utility. You can use many useful spells and do decent damage with them thanks to the Int and Fth, which also increases damage dealt by Dark, Fire and Lightning infusions to weaponry. This makes up for the lack of high strength weapons- which in turn allows for more points elsewhere.

While Adaptability is nice, and it DOES raise several attributes at once, those raises are small and IMO do not return enough visible effect for the souls paid. I prefer to dump into Int and Fth while occasionally raising HP or Endurance to suit the combat challenges I face. Most of my preferred weapons do not require very high stats, and this is intended; I can capitalize on the damage bonuses from the spell stats and not need much of strength or dexterity. I admit, that Blacksteel Katana looks tempting, but not for this build on the first play through.

Armor is light by necessity - every build sacrifices something, and this build's trade is carrying load for damage potential and spellcasting. Keep stock of Dusk Herbs, Lifestones and the like; and use the Chloranthy, Life and Blue Clearstone rings for speed in combat- both melee and spellcraft.

Remember, this is Dark Souls. No build makes all the problems go away, and this is a suggestion for those who want to play a combat mage-y type.

Writing this on my phone was a nightmare. Thank you.


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