The Bell Leader


"Hah hah hah, ooh hoo hoo!
You wish to guard the bell, you do?
For the Prince, and the Princess, forever, for true?"

Belfry Guard

A PvP build focused on invading in the bell towers as a gray or dark spirit. It can also do quite well in most PvE situations.

Depending on which bell tower I have invaded in, i'll use either Fire or Dark weapons.
For Belfry Sol, Fire weapons and for Belfry Luna, Dark weapons.

12/7/2016 - I've updated the build after doing a run through of SotFS. Its not a full 'Bell Keeper' cosplay anymore but I hope you all enjoy the new and improved Bell Keeper build, The Bell Leader!

Note: The character should be female for MAXIMUM Fashion Souls!


Starting Class Deprived
Level 150 or 200
Vigor 41 or 50
Endurance 40 or 61
Vitality 14
Attunement 16
Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Adaptability 22
Intelligence 30
Faith 30


Right Hand 1: Fire or Dark Bandit Axe +10

Right Hand 2: Fire or Dark Short Bow +10

Left Hand 1: Dark Drakekeeper's Shield +10 (and sometimes a Magic Bell Keeper Shield +10 for those filthy magic casters)

Left Hand 2: Sanctum Shield +10*

Left Hand 3: Pyromancy Flame +10*

Note: The Sanctum Shield and the Pyromancy Flame don't actually need to be upgraded as they are only used to apply Flame or Dark weapon as well as heal with Great Heal or Warmth.


Head: Bell Keeper Helmet (and sometimes the Old Bell Helm for shits and giggles)

Chest: Bell Keeper Bellyband

Hands: Gyrm Warrior Gloves +10 (or Gyrm Gloves +10 when your wearing the Old Bell Helm to keep you equip load under 60%)

Legs: Black Witch Trousers +5

Ring 1: Chloranthy Ring +2

Ring 2: Flynn's Ring

Ring 3: Stone Ring

Ring 4: Agape Ring


Black Firebombs and Fire Arrows in Belfry Sol.

Hexing Urns and Dark Arrows in Belfry Luna.


Flame Weapon in Belfry Sol.

Dark Weapon in Belfry Luna.

Great Heal for when invading or Warmth if you your doing fight clubs.


Rember to keep slicin'! And dicin'! Till they're all little shreds, heh hah hah, ooh hoo!


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