Battle Mage


This class was originally a melee build (hence The high strength/dexterity stats) but due to some experimentation i found out that this class is good a casting spells to damage foes instead of only buffing their weapons. This build can be valuable at any range, just as long as you don't mind the reaching the required stats.

P.S. starting class doesn't matter, just choose one that you prefer. I chose Bandit so i could get a bow.


Starting Class Bandit
Level 221
Vigor 55
Endurance 40
Vitality 47
Attunement 16
Strength 29
Dexterity 29
Adaptability 3
Intelligence 29
Faith 28


R1 - Espada ropera+10
R2 - Witchtree Branch+10

L1 - Blossom Kite shield+10


Head - Hexer hood+5
Body - Faraam Armor+10
Legs - Havels leggings+5
Arms - Havels gauntlets+5

Ring1 - 3rd Dragon Ring
Ring2 - Ring of soul/life protection
Ring3 - Bracing Knuckle ring+2
Ring4 - Chloranthy ring+2


Any spells that the user feels comfortable with.


Keep a bow with the user at all times to deal long range damage (a dragonriders bow+5 is my preferation). This build can be quiet flexible and can fit different users and their own specific playthrough.


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