Arch-Reaver of Doom


Heavy artillery, significant health, great poise, Just all around combat giant. The basic opposite of the Great Paladin God.


Starting Class Knight
Level 387
Vigor 40
Endurance 30
Vitality 30
Attunement 20
Strength 130
Dexterity 110
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 50
Faith 10


Black Knight Ultra Greatsword +5/Smelter Sword +5/Drakekeeper's Ultra Greatsword +10 (Fire if desired), Pyromancy Flame +10, Drangleic Shield or King's Shield.


Imperious Set/Dark Set/Dragonrider Set (fully upgraded), Third Dragon Ring, and Royal Soldier's Ring.


Flame Swathe, Forbidden Sun, Chaos Storm, Toxic Mist, Great Fireball/Ironflesh


I equipped Ring of Thorns +1 and Old Sun Ring for double Retaliation. My Arch-Reaver is equipped with Imperious Leggings+5, Imperious Armor +5, Elite Knight Gauntlets +5 and the Dragonrider Helm +5. He looks like he played an extreme game of Twister in an Amory. I typically use the Smelter Sword +5, but that's just me being a hoarder of every incendiary tool I can get my hands on. Dodge, smack or cast, rinse and repeat. Don't take hits constantly, not wise just stand there no matter how high your Defense and Vigor are. Flame Swathe for mid range enemies, Forbidden Sun just because it's a dominating spell, Chaos Storm for cocky melee's, Toxic Mist for those you wanna make suffer, Iron Flesh for those times you want to be hard, and Great Fireball because… I don't know, It's a Fireball.


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