Arcane Warrior


If you enjoy the awesome power of spell casting, but also want the thrill of melee combat, this may be the build for you. Become the Arcane Warrior.


Starting Class Sorcerer
Level 170
Vigor 5
Endurance 6
Vitality 5
Attunement 60
Strength 15
Dexterity 15
Adaptability 8
Intelligence 55
Faith 52


Weapons: This is what gives this build its versatility
Right Hand: (Lightning) Blue Flame. This unique sword allows you to strike with the same move set as the Heide Knight sword, except its strong attack allows you to cast magic based spells.
Left Hand: (Magic) Mace of the Insolent. This mace is similar to the Blue Flame in its move set, but its strong attack allows you to cast miracles.


Full Lion Mage set (each piece improves casting speed for a total of +50 with all pieces equipped)
Black Hood (improves casting speed by 30+ and grants plus 2 INT and 2 FTH)

Clear Bluestone Ring +2 (improves casting speed by +50%)
Southern Ritual Band +2 (grants 3 additional attunement slots)
Third Dragon Ring (improves health, stamina and load)
Chloranthy Ring (improves stamina regen)


Open for discussion


Both weapons scale with physical damage, INT or FTH, which means improving them to +5 and +10 respectively increases melee and casting damage. Both weapons can be infused, further adding to their damage output. Both weapons can be buffed with spells (cast crystal magic weapon on Mace of the Insolent and Sunlight Blade on the Blue Flame). This allows you to deal out deadly melee damage, while still enjoying the ranged advantage of casting spells and miracles without having to switch to different catalysts every time a need for them arises.


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