Apostle of The Sun


The "Apostle Of The Sun" is a faith build based on co-operative game play.
With a Name-Engraved Ring and the standard soapstone, there should be plenty of people to perform jolly co-operation with for easy Sunlight Medals.


Starting Class Knight
Level 200
Vigor 35
Endurance 30
Vitality 25
Attunement 25
Strength 30
Dexterity 30
Adaptability 10
Intelligence 3
Faith 65


SLOT 1 - Lightning Heide Greatlance +10

SLOT 1 - Tower Shield +10
SLOT 2 - Lightning Dragon Chime +5


HEAD - Heide Knight Greathelm +10
CHEST - Heide Kngiht Armor +10
HANDS - Heide Knight Gauntlets +10
LEGS - Heide Knight Leggings +10

SLOT 1 - Third Dragon Ring / Royal Soldier's Ring +2
SLOT 2 - Chloranthy Ring +2 / Ring of Steel Protection +2
SLOT 3 - Old Leo Ring
SLOT 4 - Agape Ring / Sun Seal

SLOT 1 - Estus Flask
SLOT 2 - ANY Lifegem
SLOT 3 - Green Blossom
SLOT 4 - Repair Powder
SLOT 5 - Amber Herb / Wilted Dusk Herb


SLOT 1 - Sunlight Spear (2 Slots)
SLOT 2 - Sunlight Blade (1 Slot)
SLOT 3 - Soothing Sunlight (2 Slots)


-Using bonfire ascetics at the bonfire near the Heide Knight in the Forest of Fallen Giants will make it easier to farm for the armor, and the Greatlance at the Shrine of Winter's Heide Knight.
-In Scholar of the First Sin, there are respawning knights at Heide's Tower of Flame.

-If one does not wish to join the Pilgrims of Dark, they can simply kill Darkdiver Grandahl for the Dragon Chime. However, the dungeons do yield quite a few bonfire ascetics.

-The Agape Ring is strongly recommended once the player reaches over 4 million soul memory, as going too high can increase the risk of being invaded by someone who will have no problem defeating you as the level difference would be pretty big.

-Usage of Green Blossoms is highly recommended due to the high stamina usage of the Heide Greatlance's strong attacks. (A complete R2/RT attack easily takes 70~80 stamina)


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