amazing dex build


I won't include soul level because I played with this build three times, respecting with all soul vessels each time, and I love them all the same


Starting Class Swordsman
Level N/A
Vigor 40
Endurance 30
Vitality Whatever you need, in this case probably around 40
Attunement 13
Strength 45
Dexterity 99
Adaptability 25
Intelligence 10
Faith 15 (lightning rapier)


RH1: Espada Ropera +10/Spider's Silk+5
RH2: Royal Dirk +5/Dagger +10
RH3: Hunter's Blackbow +10
LH1: Havel's Greatshield +5
LH2: Lightning Rapier +10/Ice Rapier +5
LH3: Pyromancy Glove +10


Havel's Set +5 (all of it)
999 iron/poison/fire arrows, select 2 obviously.
Lots of pine resins
Old Leo Ring
Chloranthy Ring +2
Third Dragon Ring
Hawk Ring
Ring of Blades +2
Ring of Giants +2
Ring of Steel Protection +2
Ring of Whisper
Silvercat Ring

Dexterity Ring (if not levelling up to 99 so 94)


Flame Swathe
Falme Swathe again or Poison/Toxic Mist


You will power stance. I have put the preferred weapons first and keep the other choices instead of repair powder or vice versa for bosses. I know it's supposed to be a dex build but this will pretty much boss anything. If you wanted, you could use the key to the embedded. DLCs needed obviously, (for spares and a hell load of upgrade stones. New Game + helps a lot to make this build and it will probably last you to the end of new game ++++ or whatever. You could level ant, int and fth to get some buffs but i just keep lots of resins, flame weapon is pretty bad as well because fire is so bad in this game. Everything listed should be in your inventory (except maybe Dexterity Ring) and nothing else. Nothing else is needed. so OP man.


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