Glassy bow sunbro


Since vitality is LOW, your bet is on blocking/parrying and rolling. i'm still on NG and this is my first char (used soul vessel couple of times). when i'm careful and not sleepy, i can do some nice damage, using this. the amount of dexterity makes a great scaling with katanas and DEX weps in general while the amount of strength allows to use majority of bigass weapons while two-handing them and meets minimal requirements for Alonne Greatbow (kinda tricky to get tho)


Starting Class Explorer
Level 147
Vigor 7
Endurance 20
Vitality 20
Attunement 18
Strength 20
Dexterity 41
Adaptability 20
Intelligence 11
Faith 43 (without the ring of prayer)


Blacksteel Katana +10 (DEX scale is S) or Manslayer +4 or +5
Idol's Chime Dark imbued, this one needs some smithing, get more twinkling titanite
Drangleic Shield or Alonne Greatbow Lightning imbued +10
Priest's Chime Lightning imbued +10
You can also try to use Hunter's Blackbow to inflict a poison which is highly effective in PvE and boss fights


You can use any armor to your liking, however it is highly recommended to get Aurous set as it raises equip load. and keep your equip load below 60 if possible.
Ring of Prayer is a must, you might also try to use Ring of Knowledge.
as far as optional rings go, i use Third Dragon Ring, Sun seal and Bracing Knuckle Ring


Great Lightning Spear, Sunlight Spear. also can use some heal miracles, Sunlight Spear or Great Resonant Soul hex.


the trickiest part of this build is to get the Alonne greatbow as the drop rate seems very low. Any starting class would do, but i chose explorer as this one has the biggest adaptability of all classes and a lot of items, in the beginning it is highly recommended to get Heide sword and Large Leather Shield.
it's a good class to kill giants (Giant Lord still was a tricky fight) as it packs a nice lightning action and is able to do some damage while using a bow.
Good luck to anyone who will use the build!
also \[T]/


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