Dark Souls 2 Builds

In Dark Souls 2, your starting class defines how you play at the beginning, but not what he/she will be like late in the game. With an assortment of stats, weapons and spells to choose from, there is a great range of customization. Each character build isn't necessarily the same as another.

In this page you will find various of player-created character builds: how the stats are distributed, what equipment to use, what spells to remember, and maybe even gameplay tips. If you don't see a character build you like, feel free to contribute! Of course, none of these are hard and fast rules on how to play the game.

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Build Name
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Created by
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Date created
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(asc / desc)
Sunshine and Murder The Jack of Souls 27 Dec 2014 22:45 3 2 Make youself a party canon that can launch you and your new meat bicycle out of the bodies of the fallen.
Sauron's girlfriend Exemplis 11 Nov 2014 06:44 3 2 Variation of a classic dex/pyro with some nice fashion
Quality of Balance Exemplis 06 Nov 2014 01:46 3 2 Heavy weapons master
The Shadow Ninja Anonymous 26 Oct 2014 00:28 3 2 Some parrying skills required
The Toxic Ninja Sowanaski 11 Oct 2014 03:25 3 2 Poison! Poison! Poison!
The Honorable samurai Anonymous 22 Sep 2014 19:07 3 2 A build specialised around the use of katana of all type this fighter is elusive and deals punishing counterblows (pure dex heavy damage striker)
Black Dragoon (Melee Only) Anonymous 13 Sep 2014 23:29 3 2 An immortal classic strenght build for a safe journey in Drangleic
Akane, Harbinger Of The Crimson Demise Harbinger Of Demise 01 Sep 2014 00:44 3 2 An agrassive Katana and Pyro Build. Under 30 equip.
The Onion Champion Floridian281 24 Aug 2014 16:11 3 2 This epic onionbro kills people with his bare hands
Bulwark TatteredThought 15 Aug 2014 11:52 3 2 This is a PvE and Co-op tank build.
The Ultimate Godslayer Anonymous 01 Aug 2014 14:12 3 1 Big Damages. Pyromancer
Ultra Glass Cannon Mage WarGolem 18 May 2014 23:53 3 2 Shred things with magic missles (of doom)
The Violent Marauder (SL150) snafzg 30 Apr 2014 20:38 3 2 Just another dual wielding strength build…
THE LEGEND RETURNS Lordchurch206 27 Apr 2014 16:07 3 2 Old Knight Armor, Penal Mask, FLAME WEAPON FIRE ZWEIHANDER
The Best Gank Squad frogoshi 25 Apr 2014 15:35 3 2 This build is ment to be used in pairs with extreme coordination
Mundane GodSlayer (Experimental) WarGolem 24 Apr 2014 03:38 3 2 A build using mundane weapons and spells to slay the gods
Cloud Strife Build Anonymous 12 Apr 2014 23:09 3 2
The Mad World Warrior SHROOM Headshot 11 Apr 2014 21:34 3 2 This is a PVP-centric build using Curved Dragon Greatsword and Poison Parrying Dagger
the Champ Anonymous 30 Mar 2014 08:49 3 2 some call him rocky, others ippo, i call him the champ
The Legend Anonymous 29 Mar 2014 07:09 3 4
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