Dark Souls 2 Builds

In Dark Souls 2, your starting class defines how you play at the beginning, but not what he/she will be like late in the game. With an assortment of stats, weapons and spells to choose from, there is a great range of customization. Each character build isn't necessarily the same as another.

In this page you will find various of player-created character builds: how the stats are distributed, what equipment to use, what spells to remember, and maybe even gameplay tips. If you don't see a character build you like, feel free to contribute! Of course, none of these are hard and fast rules on how to play the game.

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Build Name
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Created by
(asc / desc)
Date created
(asc / desc)
(asc / desc)
The Ultimate SunBro SweatyIce 01 Apr 2014 14:43 3.3 3 Discover the powers of MOTHER EFFING LIGHTING
Chaos Mage HMV 02 May 2014 12:38 3.3 3 Chaos reigns these ruined lands now… It corrupts… It reforms…
Kiara, Swordmaiden of the Dark Blaze1st 02 Sep 2014 09:07 3.3 3 NG ending build
I Am 'ReVengarl' Anonymous 12 Sep 2014 00:37 3.3 3 Bleleleelel
A Dull Mundane Build HMV 05 May 2014 12:08 3.5 2 Mundane would have to be the most broken thing in this game so far.
Penalglass HMV 13 May 2014 11:21 3.5 4 U flthy casul. Cn't hanlde te legnd.
PopPop HMV 31 Aug 2014 19:17 3.5 2 Where the Legend started.
Archmage Unwissender 30 Mar 2014 22:38 3.7 3 Fast, powerfull Mage with sorc, hex, pyro and miracles
LIGHTNING Maniac Anonymous 13 Apr 2014 23:08 3.7 3 Lightning, and death.
White Mage Anonymous 15 Apr 2014 13:10 3.7 3 This build is designed as a pure PVE support spec, modeled after the traditional White Mage job class from the classic Final Fantasies
Dark Knight ArsenicKnife 28 Apr 2014 21:25 3.7 3 This build is meant to capture the essence of playing a Dark Knight from some of the more well-known interpretations of it as seen in several Final Fantasy games.
Bruiser Anonymous 21 May 2014 13:18 3.7 3 Tanky, fast and surprisingly high damage
Aggressive Mage Mark Blanchard 15 May 2014 03:09 3.8 4 Competitive build.
PopShabang's Mundane Build PopShabang 30 Mar 2014 06:27 4 8 A build to utilize the mundane scaling to it's full effectiveness
MLGS Bruiser Build *Note, is now rendered much less effective due to the 1.3 patch disabling the buffing of this weapon* Anonymous 30 Mar 2014 07:38 4 5 CMW + Magic MLGS = Pain
Chaos Knight HMV 01 May 2014 12:47 4 2 Embue your tactics with Chaos
Dirty Pyromancer Anonymous 02 Jun 2014 17:02 4 2 A nearly pure Pyromancer
The party trident Anonymous 07 Jul 2014 18:10 4 1 A high damage build that uses no magic or buffs
Sun Paladin Anonymous 25 Jul 2014 02:21 4 1 A high damage and fairly tanky build for sunbro's
Dragonslayer Yorgh Ningar 02 Aug 2014 15:39 4 3 Become a Dragonslayer, Just like Yorgh
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