Dark Souls 2 Builds

In Dark Souls 2, your starting class defines how you play at the beginning, but not what he/she will be like late in the game. With an assortment of stats, weapons and spells to choose from, there is a great range of customization. Each character build isn't necessarily the same as another.

In this page you will find various of player-created character builds: how the stats are distributed, what equipment to use, what spells to remember, and maybe even gameplay tips. If you don't see a character build you like, feel free to contribute! Of course, none of these are hard and fast rules on how to play the game.

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Build Name
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Created by
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Date created
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(asc / desc)
666 Hex Caster 1daBread 15 Apr 2014 19:58 0 0 Basically a glass cannon
Abyss Gravelords Full Skellington Build Floridian281 07 Oct 2014 00:25 0 0 A build that makes you look spooky and scary;only bone weapons
A decent tank build Anonymous 18 Jun 2014 11:46 0 0 More PvE than PvP but I'm not that good at PvP
A Dull Mundane Build HMV 05 May 2014 12:08 3.5 2 Mundane would have to be the most broken thing in this game so far.
Elderly Agdayne SteelSeethe 18 May 2014 16:10 0 0 Being Agdayne, fast swings and all.
aggressive at all cost Anonymous 04 Feb 2015 15:15 0 0 keep it tense in pvp
Aggressive Mage Mark Blanchard 15 May 2014 03:09 3.8 4 Competitive build.
Your Mirrah Bro Anonymous 21 May 2014 18:21 0 0 Convenience. High mobility. No spells.
Akane, Harbinger Of The Crimson Demise Harbinger Of Demise 01 Sep 2014 00:44 3 2 An agrassive Katana and Pyro Build. Under 30 equip.
Alchemist Anonymous 29 Apr 2015 03:46 0 0 The alchemist should focus on support and damage enemies from afar
all around cleric Anonymous 07 Apr 2014 19:44 0 0 a full cleric with epic melee
That One Build Chauchi 22 Dec 2015 23:23 0 0 You can do stuff.
Glassy bow sunbro Anonymous 26 May 2014 21:21 0 0 Sort of PvE class (i'm not really good at DaS2, maybe you guys will be able to PvP using that)
amazing dex build Anonymous 20 Nov 2014 22:25 0 0 You want dex? Here's some dex
Amazing Pyromancer Anonymous 14 Dec 2014 11:37 0 0 Pyro Build
Anarchist's Glass Cannon Build Anonymous 11 Apr 2014 17:16 0 0 Kill people with 1-5 casts depending on the spell.
Ancient Dragon Dralicoma 16 Jul 2015 02:19 0 0 An immortal warrior from the age of ancients
Ancient Paladin (user deleted) 15 Jan 2015 07:04 3 1 A revival of Paladin Leeroy; dug up from the Tomb of the Giants.
Annoyer Anonymous 18 Jun 2014 06:07 0 0 Annoy anybody you want
>:) anti-paladin build Anonymous 17 Feb 2015 19:24 0 0
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