Cathedral Of Blue

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Old Dragonslayer Blue Sentinel Targray Old Dragonslayer Soul None


A small optional area that can be accessed from Heide's Tower of Flame. Home of the Blue Sentinels and the optional Old Dragonslayer boss.



  • The Blue Cathedral


Cathedral Of Blue Map (Japanese)

This area is made up of only three places. The main hall of the Cathedral where the boss fight takes place, an annex with a bonfire and a balcony.

As you enter through the fog gate you will see the Old Dragonslayer at the far end of the hall. See his article for more details.

When victorious, move through the door to the balcony. Speak to Blue Sentinel Targray. Before the balcony is a passage to the right leading to the only bonfire in this area.


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