Cathedral Of Blue

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Old Dragonslayer Blue Sentinel Targray Ring of Binding (Dark Souls II only)
Heide Knight Iron Mask (Dark Souls II only)
Tower Shield


A small optional area that can be accessed from Heide's Tower of Flame. Home of the Blue Sentinels and the optional Old Dragonslayer boss.



  • The Blue Cathedral
    Down the stairs next to Targray.


Cathedral Of Blue Map (Japanese)

After lowering the drawbridge to the Cathedral, there is a chest in front of the fog wall containing the Ring of Binding (Dark Souls II only) and five Human Effigies. The corpse next to it has an Old Radiant Lifegem.

The Old Dragonslayer boss is behind the fog wall. See his article for more details.

When victorious, move through the door to the balcony. Speak to Blue Sentinel Targray. Open the chests next to him to find a Heide Knight Iron Mask (Dark Souls II only), a Tower Shield and three Cracked Blue Eye Orbs.

Near the balcony is a passage to the right leading to the only bonfire in this area.


  • At the bonfire in the cathedral, if you are in the Blue Sentinels covenant you can duel with fellow Sentinels or NPC phantoms by kneeling at the statues in the room. Doing so costs one Token of Fidelity.
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