Casting Speed



Speed at which spells can be cast.
Can be shortened with attunement.

Influence of Attributes on Casting Speed

  • Casting speed is influenced by Attunement, Faith and Intelligence
  • Attunement has two times bigger influence on Casting Speed than Faith and Intelligence
  • Casting Speed rises by 2 until it is 115. Casting speed will increase for every 2 points in Attunement, or 4 points in Faith or Intelligence.
    • E.g. 2ATN = 1ATN+2FTH = 1ATN+2INT = 1ATN+1FTH+1INT = 2INT+2FTH = 1FTH+3INT = 3FTH+1INT
  • Between 115 and 126 Casting Speed rises by 1 for same amount as above.
  • From 126 it needs two times more than above to rise by 1. e.g. 4ATN = 8INT = 8FTH = 4INT +4FTH
  • Max Casting Speed is 323 with 99 ATN/INT/FTH, Clear Bluestone Ring +2 , Black Hood and the Lion Mage set

Equipment which increase Casting Speed

Item Increase Other Effects
Black Hood 11% FTH +2, INT +2
Chaos Hood 5% INT +3
Lion Mage Robe 5%
Lion Mage Cuffs 5%
Lion Mage Skirt 5%
Clear Bluestone Ring 20/35/40%

Note: the effect of these items stacks.

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