Carhillion of the Fold
Carhillion Of The Fold


A famed sorcerer from Melfia. He spent much time honing his sorceries in one of Melfia's renowned academies, but he argued that academies were terrible places to learn magic and set out for Drangleic, a land in which the forces of magic and souls lie dormant.

He was the master of Rosabeth.


No-man's Wharf
Found on the middle dock, on the other side of the dock with the ship.

He will move to Majula after you speak to him with at least 8 Intelligence and defeat the Flexile Sentry. You cannot boost your intelligence with equipment such as the Ring of Knowledge to reach this requirement.

Once there, he sits next to a tree near the precipice above the blacksmith's house. If you walk toward the monument from the blacksmith's house, Carhillion will be on the left.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,510 3,250
2 3,624 6,500
8 ? 13,000

Summon Location

Brume Tower
A White Phantom for the Fume Knight boss fight.



Weapons Total Soul Cost Notes
Sorcerer's Staff 1,000
Rings Total Soul Cost Notes
Spell Quartz Ring 1 2,000 Increases Magic defense by 50 points.
Clear Bluestone Ring 1 2,000 Increases casting speed of spells.
Consumables Total Soul Cost Notes
Amber Herb 10 1,600 Slightly restores spell use.
Twilight Herb 5 1,300 Restores spell uses.
Simpleton's Spice 1 13,000 Lowers the Intelligence level required to use a spell.
Scrolls Total Soul Cost Notes
Soul Arrow 1 1,500 Sorcery
Great Soul Arrow 1 3,000 Sorcery
Heavy Soul Arrow 1 2,000 Sorcery
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 1 4,500 Sorcery
Shockwave 1 1,800 Knocks an enemy down.
Soul Spear Barrage 1 2,600 Fires a barrage of mini Soul Spears.
Magic Weapon 1 2,000 Buffs weapon with Magic.
Yearn 1 3,000 Distracts enemies for a moment.




  • After you speak to him with at least 8 Intelligence, you may use a Soul Vessel to redistribute your points as you see fit without losing access to his shop.
  • Intelligence-boosting accessories will not satisfy his introduction conditions.
  • His spell stocks become unlimited after the Shrine of Winter has been opened.
  • Impress him with your wisdom (have at least 30 Intelligence), and he will pass you his Northern Ritual Band +1.
  • He uses a Lizard Staff and a Magic Shield in combat.
  • As an NPC phantom, he is quite terrible, with low damage, low health, an inability to use Estus to heal, and bad A.I.
  • He will do the Bow gesture when summoned, Mock gesture after the boss is defeated.


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