Captain Drummond
Captain Drummond


A Captain who was ordered by King Vendrick to guard the fort that is now Forest of Fallen Giants.

A very honourable man and loyal to his king, though he finds himself confused by Vendrick's actions leading to the war with the Giants.


Memory of Vammar
Accessed through the Withered Tree by where you first meet Mild Mannered Pate, if you have the Ashen Mist Heart.

Memory of Jeigh
He can be summoned here after speaking with him in Memory of Vammar and exhausting all of his dialogue.

Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 2,900 2,500
2 ? 5,000
8 ? 10,000

Event Items

Item Conditions for Receipt
Drangleic Helm Exhaust his dialogue, then talk to him again after defeating the Giant Lord. Summoning him for the fight is not required.



  • You can get another Drangleic Helm if you kill him after you receive the helm as a reward.


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