Cale the Cartographer
Cale The Cartographer


A traveler who likes cartography.

He is navigating Drangleic with the purpose of creating a map of the continent but he seems to have actually come to Drangleic in search for a cure to the Undead curse. He lives in the mansion in Majula as a squatter. He has found a map carved in stone of what seems to be Drangleic in the mansion's basement. Part of his reasons for making a map of Drangleic is to prove that the map in the mansion is indeed of Drangleic.

Once Creighton the Wanderer has been released, he claims that he saw a man who just looked like someone from his home land Mirrah. The man had been sentenced to death for several murders, only he escaped before his execution. He can't recall his name, but it was something like "Crei.."


Forest of Fallen Giants
In a cave in the open area with giant roots and archers close to the Cardinal Tower bonfire.

Talk to him a few times to get him to give you the House Key, and then talk to him again for him to move to Majula.

Goes to the basement of the Majula Mansion after all of the following have occurred:

  • Dialogue with him is exhausted in the Forest.
  • The Last Giant is defeated.
  • The basement of the house is cleared of enemies.
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 860 ?
2 ? ?
8 ? ?

Event Items

Item Conditions for Receipt
Cale's Set He needs to move to the mansion. Then, speak to him after lighting all fires in the map.


To complete his questline, you need to have:

  1. Defeated the Last Giant
  2. Defeated the Lost Sinner
  3. Defeated the Old Iron King
  4. Defeated the Rotten
  5. Defeated the Duke's Dear Freja
  6. Obtained the King's Ring
  7. Obtained the Ashen Mist Heart
  8. Defeated Throne Defender Throne Watcher

Then speak to him in the mansion and he will give you the reward.

Completing Cale's questline will give you the "Curious Map" trophy/achievement.



  • There is a bug where Cale will not move to the Majula house basement after exhausting his dialogue in the Forest of Fallen Giants, defeating the Last Giant, and eliminating the skeleton in the basement. He will disappear from your game for the entire play through. The only known fix to this bug is to use a Bonfire Ascetic at the Majula bonfire and defeat the skeletons again. However, this is not a fool-proof fix; there is a possibility that the game will bug out again (you may need to burn several Ascetics before he appears).


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Voiced by: Rhys Swinburn

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