Burnt Ivory King


The proud Ivory King was ever-merciful, and devoted himself to the protection of his great land, until he was devoured by the flames of chaos1

The Burnt Ivory King is a boss of the Crown of the Ivory King DLC and resides in the The Old Chaos.


The Old Chaos
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 8,040 92,000
2 (NG+) 11,256 184,000
8 (NG+7) 24,120 368,000


NPC Summons


  • Lightning


  • High Fire Resistance
  • Medium Dark Resistance
  • Very high poison resistance

Attack Patterns

  • Stabs sword into the ground, creating an AoE of ice crystals doing devastating damage.
  • 3-4 hit combo, easy enough to roll back from.
  • Buffs his sword with magic, giving extra magic damage on top of the physical damage. This buff is temporary
  • Impales player and throws them onto the ground. Does massive damage, only does this when buffed
  • Rushes towards player, does a leaping sword swipe.


Before going for the final boss in the DLC, find at least two of the three knights that can be found after talking to the oracle which melts several locations under ice, meaning you must revisit all of Frozen Eleum Loyce. Each knight you find will help you in your fight, and seal portals where enemy knights will come out. One knight is already there, three can be found, and there are three portals to be closed. With enemy knights spawning the portals the fight gets much more difficult, even with two phantoms summoned. If you manage to find all three knights, one will be left to fight against the burnt ivory king.

To fight the enemy knights, bring a shield with fire resistance, e.g. the Gyrm Greatshield, as they cast pyromancy too.
There will be enough time to switch shields after the enemy knights and before the burnt ivory king is arriving. For the burnt ivory king, equip a shield which has 95%+ physical protection, high magic protection and high stability (e.g. Defender's Shield, Old Knight's Shield or Havel's Greatshield).

Summoning at least one phantom is highly recommended.

The king has similar attack patterns to Sir Alonne and the Old Dragonslayer: if he is rotating to your direction - then he is attacking you. So only heal, perform ranged attack, etc. when he is not facing you.

It is possible (seen in one of the videos below) to get the boss killed by one of the friendly knights while freezing a portal shut. To do this, you must keep the boss busy in front of a portal while the knight is freezing it - a strong shield held in two hands is recommended, to keep the boss from moving too far.


  • You must survive three waves of Charred Loyce Knights before the King arrives.
  • When the King arrives, more Charred Loyce Knights will spawn from any remaining unfrozen portals.
  • The Charred Loyce Knights before the fight tend to focus the host player and the phantoms, usually ignoring your allied Loyce Knights.
  • When he buffs his sword, he still takes full damage.
  • Sometimes the Burnt Ivory King will stand completely still for the entire fight.
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