Brume Tower


Boss NPCs Notable Loot Notable Loot #2 Enemies Enemy Drops
Fume Knight Carhillion of the Fold
Steelheart Ellie
Crown of the Old Iron King
Simpleton's Ring
Dexterity Ring
Strength Ring
Baneful Bird Ring
Sorcery Clutch Ring
Life Ring +3
Flame Quartz Ring +3
Spell Quartz Ring +3
Dispelling Ring +1
Fire Snake
Dance of Fire
Scorching Iron Scepter
Tower Key
Smelter Wedge
2x Brightbug
10x Petrified Dragon Bone
6x Twinkling Titanite
Majestic Greatsword
Pilgrim's Spontoon
Scythe +7
Partizan +6
Caestus +8
Broadsword +7
Alonne Greatbow +5
Catarina Gauntlets
Catarina Leggings
Hollow Skin
Crown of the Old Iron King
Ashen Warrior
Iron Warrior
Possessed Armor
Cask Runner
Fume Sorcerer
Ashen Idol
Crystal Lizard
Invader Quicksword Rachel
Invader Maldron the Assassin
Invader Prowlers
Ashen Warrior Sword
Minotaur Helm
Smelter Hammer
Possessed Armor Greatbow
Possessed Armor Sword
Fume Sorcerer Set
Umbral Dagger
Blue Dagger
Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash


A series of ashen towers, with a primary tower containing a giant clockwork contraption.



  • Throne Floor
    Right after walking over the first chain.
  • Upper Floor
    When you reach the multi-level outside structure with the Caestus +8 chest, go through the doorway and take a right.
  • Lowermost Floor
    After taking the elevators to the bottom floor, the bonfire is in a side room next to the Fume Knight boss arena.


Map (Japanese)

Map (English)

To enter the DLC, you must go to the primal bonfire after the Old Iron King and examine the obelisk in the room after the bonfire. Once in the DLC, you will be in a room containing stairs leading to an elevator, and two side rooms. These side rooms can be used by players whom do not have the DLC to place their summon signs, allowing them to be summoned into the Iron Passage or the Memory of the Old Iron King ? . Go up the stairs and open the big door with the Heavy Iron Key.

Straight ahead is an elevator, take it and at the top, cross the mist wall. Turn right and go up the stairs. You will see several bodies strewed across the floor, and the remains of an Ashen Idol holding 6 x Smelter Wedge. Remember to save four of these for the room containing the Fume Knight. Cross the giant chain, and in front of you will be the Throne Floor bonfire. As soon as you reach an ash covered area after some stairs, an Ashen Idol will appear. Avoid it's flame pillar attack and examine it, and use a Smelter Wedge to destroy it. It will drop a Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash fragment. Go down the stairs on the left side of the area and pick up the Dexterity Ring of the corpse.

Go back up and go through the doorway parallel to the stairs. Follow the path and drop down onto the elevator, and again onto the round platform. Pick up the 2 x Old Growth Balm from the corpse and drop down onto the level below. Go through the doorway and down into an ash field. An Ashen Warrior will emerge from the ash, kill it and pick up 2 x Twilight Herb from the corpse on the left. Destroy all of the ash bodies and pick up a Large Soul of a Proud Knight. There is another ramp, to the right of the ramp is a corpse holding a Rouge Water. Four Ashen Warriors will appear once you go down the ramp, dispatch them. Enter the doorway to the right and go down the ladder. Go around the round structure to pick up a Blackweed Balm. Continue down another ladder and pick up 10 x Prism Stone from a corpse.
Following the hallway at the bottom of the ladder, you will find a metal chest containing a Titanite Slab. Continue down the ladder next to the metal chest and you will enter a large room containing an Ashen Idol and several Ashen Warriors. Try to destroy the Ashen Idol as quickly as possible. In the room to the right of the ladder are two more Ashen Warriors and a corpse holding the pyromancy Dance of Fire. At the end of the large room and to the left is a lever. Pull it to open the big door. Follow the path to the left of the door to find 2 Ashen Warriors hiding in ash and several ash figures. Destroy the ash figures to find 2 x Old Mundane Stone. There is also a corpse holding 5 x Lloyd's Talisman. Opposite this corpse is a fake wall, open it and within are two metal chests. One contains 4 x Old Radiant Lifegem and 4 x Wilted Dusk Herb. The other contains 2 x Soul Vessel.

Go back up to the doorway and follow the path right.


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Throne Floor

Upper Floors

Foyer (Before Placing the Sceptre)

Scorcher Tower

Foyer (After Placing the Sceptre)

Lowermost Floor


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