Brotherhood of Blood
Brotherhood of Blood

Covenant Description

The disciples of Nahr Alma, Brothers of Blood revel in blood by killing other players.

This covenant allows you to duel other members using the arena in Undead Purgatory.

How to Join

  1. Defeat the Executioner's Chariot in Undead Purgatory and proceed through the boss fight area.
  2. You need to have a Token of Spite in order to join.
  3. Talk to Titchy Gren and accept his offer to join the Brotherhood of Blood.


Face other Brotherhood members in the dueling arena in Undead Purgatory. Find a dueling partner by using the statues in the room with the bonfire. At least one Token of Spite is needed in inventory to duel, but is not consumed.

Covenant Rank Visualization

Covenant Rewards

Rank Duel points Reward
0 0 Crest of Blood
1 50 Curved Twinblade
Red 'smokey' aura added to player while in Dark Spirit form.
2 150 Crescent Sickle
Dark Spirit form will gain white coloured rimlighting.
3 500 Great Chaos Fireball pyromancy
Nahr Alma Set
Scythe of Nahr Alma.

You get +1 point for winning a duel and -1 point for losing a duel. Your total duel points cannot go below zero.

After ranking up, losing duels and falling below the point requirement for a given aura will cause you to lose the enhanced aura of the higher ranks. However, winning to increase duel points will restore previously earned aura effects without requiring the player to speak again to Titchy.

Killing Blue Sentinels summoned with the Guardian's Seal will also give you +2 towards the next rank.1


  • Wearing the Crest of Blood ring is not required in any circumstance.
  • Winning a duel with another covenant member grants you one Cracked Red Eye Orb.
  • During invasions, if the host crosses any boss fog, your invasion attempt will automatically fail and you will be sent back to your world. If the area boss is dead they may still use his fog door to banish you, but any fog door not leading to a boss fight will be blocked and impossible for the host to cross.
  • Matchmaking is not determined by Soul Memory within the Brotherhood of Blood duel arena. As of patch 1.10, duels are now determined by SL priority matchmaking. If the game is unable to find players near your Soul Level, it will resort to searching for players beyond your Soul Level range.
  • Please note, killing Blue Sentinels when they invade your world is not a valid way to gain prestige points in Brotherhood of Blood. This has been confirmed with Bandai Namco support.
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