Brightstone Cove Tseldora

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Prowling Magus & Congregation
The Duke's Dear Freja
Cromwell the Pardoner
Weaponsmith Ornifex
Black Knight Ultra Greatsword
Crescent Axe
Cleric's Small Shield
Soul Vortex
Great Fireball
Bonfire Ascetic
Southern Ritual Band +1
Fire Seed
2x Estus Flask Shard
Petrified Dragon Bone
5x Human Effigy
Skeptic's Spice
Undead Boar
Undead Peasant
Parasite Spider
Parasitized Undead
Hollow Mage
Crystal Lizard
Red Crystal Lizard
Invader Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
Roaming Soul Porcine Peasant
Roaming Soul Dual Wielding Swordsman - Bonfire Intensity 2+
Red Phantom Hollow Priest - Bonfire Intensity 2+
Giant Undead Boar - Bonfire Intensity 2+


A mountainous valley, containing many unknown treasures and traps. The remains of the Royal Army's encampment are found here, as well as access to the lair of the Duke's Dear Freja.



  • Royal Army Campsite
    In the second tent after entering the area. It's the biggest tent.
  • Lower Brightstone Cove
    Head down the stairs from the Chapel Threshold bonfire, once back outside roll down to the right, there will be a spider and hollow mage, on that level continue through the doorway where two more mages await around a big hole, take them out and head to the room on the left where there is a ladder leading down to the bonfire (you have to open the door from the inside in order to access it from ground level).


Item Guide

Brightstone Cove Tseldora Video Walkthrough with Boss



Upper Brightstone

Lower Brightstone


  • Watch out for the boulder traps after Royal Army Campsite.
  • To get to Cromwell the Pardoner, head up the ladder to the left outside the Prowling Magus & Congregation chapel room.
  • Weaponsmith Ornifex, appears in the room next to the Lower Brightstone Cove bonfire after having freed her in the Shaded Woods.
  • In NG+ there is an additional encounter with the Duke's Dear Freja emerging from the hole right in front of the entrance to the chapel. She has limited attacks and mostly spits acid at you, as only a portion of her body is out of the hole. Her health bar shows up and it's possible to defeat her here. Any damage that you do to her at this point will carry over when you reach her boss room. She will retreat after a period of time or if you run away.
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