In-Game Description

A tiny bug that produced light.
Brightbugs are said to comfort the dead,
and are found in the marshlands leading to the Undead Crypt.

By ingesting a brightbug just before death,
the moment at which they glow most brightly,
one attains great power for a short time.
Often utilized as a last-resort for adventurers who have lost their way.

Has no effect in other worlds or for phantoms.


  • +20% damage and -20% incoming damage for two minutes.
  • Cannot be used as a phantom or while White or Gold phantoms are present in the host's world. Cannot be used once invaded by a Red phantom, unknown if effect would persist if used before an invasion (need confirmation on Grey/Blue) .


  • Three sold by Merchant Hag Melentia. Her stock replenishes when you advance further in the game, but the price also increases.
  • One found in Belfry Luna down in the dog filled dead-end alley where Vorgol the Sinner invades, from the bonfire after the boss. (SotFS only)
  • One found in Aldia's Keep in a metal chest near the mirrors in the great hall. (SotFS only)
  • Two found in the Cave of the Dead, on a corpse.
  • Two inside a metal chest in Brume Tower. Up an elevator near the Foyer bonfire is a ledge you can jump onto while the elevator is going up.
  • Two can be found in a metal chest in Frozen Eleum Loyce. Round room containing a previously frozen Mimic after the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire.
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