Bradley of the Old Guard


He is a cleric who provides assistance to his host via miracles. His spirit can be summoned to help in No Man's Wharf, the Shaded Woods and by the Throne of Want.


Only available in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

No Man's Wharf (shade)
Found on the first dock, next to the Hollow Infantry firing burning arrows. Since he uses a small signature, he can be summoned even after the Flexile Sentry is dead.

Shaded Woods
Found in between the two broken towers before Scorpioness Najka. All the Forest Guardians in the ruins past the Shaded Ruins bonfire must be killed first before his sign appears.

Throne of Want
Found next to a pillar to the left side of the fog gate. Only available if Aldia is to be the final boss, although he can be summoned for the Throne Defender and Throne Watcher and Nashandra fights.




  • If not locked in battle, he heals the player when necessary. If he has trouble reaching the player, he signals his intent by making "I won't bite" gestures.
  • He can break all the armor and rings of an invader in a single hit.
  • When pressed, he buffs his weapon with Sunlight Blade, making him the only summonable NPC other than Agdayne to have a weapon buff.
  • He greets the player with a"duel bow".
  • Like Creighton and his axe, his naturally lightning-imbued spear seems to be a fake that does no elemental damage.
  • Capable of soloing every boss he is summoned for on all variations of NG.
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