Bracing Knuckle Ring
bracing knuckle ring

In-Game Description

Knuckle ring worn by Rhoy the Explorer.
Slows equipment degradation.

Expensive, flashy gear will not always
make life easier for you. Sometimes,
you just need your tried-and-true
equipment to last the long haul.


Bracing Knuckle Ring

Lost Bastille treasure. On the exterior of the upper walls. From Servants' Quarters or Straid's Cell bonfire, behind the pair of Illusory Walls past the room with an Undead Citizen on a wooden shelf, one floor below the bridge to Sinner's Rise. In Scholar of the First Sin, a Pursuer appears between the second illusory wall and the ring.

Bracing Knuckle Ring +1

Sold by Chancellor Wellager for 9,000 souls.

Bracing Knuckle Ring +2

Undead Crypt treasure. From the Undead Ditch bonfire, head through the large gravestone room into the smaller gravestone room with the Leydia Witch above it. The ring is in the right-hand corner on a skeleton.

General Information

Increases durability of equipment.

Name Use Durability Weight
Bracing Knuckle Ring Reduces weapon/armor/ring degradation by 20%/20%/20% (Respectively) 110 0.5
Bracing Knuckle Ring +1 Reduces weapon/armor/ring degradation by 35%/25%/25% (Respectively) 85 0.8
Bracing Knuckle Ring +2 Reduces weapon/armor/ring degradation by 50%/45%/45% (Respectively) 70 1.0


  • Also lowers the durability damage done by a weapon's special attack.
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