Velstadt, the Royal Aegis
NG hp.png souls.png
0 6,290 50,000
1 8,177 100,000
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 0 0
5 0 0
6 0 0
7 15,537 200,000
physical_vs_strike.png 110%
physical_vs_thrust.png 93%
physical_vs_slash.png 93%
fire_defence.png 30%
magic_defence.png 30%
lightning_defence.png 15%
dark_defence.png 50%
poison_damage.png Susceptible
bleed_damage.png Susceptible


Soul of the Velstadt,
defender of the King inside the Undead Crypt.

Velstadt was always at the King's side,
as if he were his lord's own shadow.
After the King retired to the Undead Crypt,
Velstadt followed, never to return.

— Description of the Soul of Velstadt

[…] worn by the Royal Aegis.
Originally imbued with the power of miracles,
now soaked with dark after extended exposure
in the Undead Crypt.

A knight from a faraway land was lured to this
accursed land, but forgot even why he came,
eventually reduced to a shadow of his former self.

— Description of Velstadt's Set

Sir Velstadt, known as the Royal Aegis,
gave himself to the King in both life and death.

— Description of the Sacred Chime Hammer


Undead Crypt:
Loyally guarding King Vendrick.
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 6,290 50,000
2 (NG+) 8,177 100,000
8 (NG+7) 15,537 200,000

Bonfire Ascetic respawn: Undead Ditch bonfire.

Dragon's Rest:
Can be summoned by Elana, Squalid Queen as part of her boss fight.
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 2,600 -
2 (NG+) 3,550 -
8 (NG+7) 7,600 -


  • Grave Warden Agdayne
    • Found behind the left pillar near the boss fog wall.
  • Devotee Scarlett
    • Found next to a pillar in the room with the two Leydia Witches and a group of worshipping Undead Laborers. Use the shortcut from the Undead Ditch bonfire to the boss area to make sure she follows you all the way. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin only.



Overhead Vertical Smash:
Can be comboed into a side-swipe if blocked. He will do a horizontal sweep, two in succession. This is his most difficult attack to avoid.

Lunging Attack:
Don't try rolling backwards or you'll get hit. This attack has a very long reach.

Foot Stomp:
Can be comboed into an overhead swing.

Phase Transition:
At around 50% health, he will kneel and begin charging dark magic. This gives time for risk-free attacks on him. However, he takes less damage while charging.

Charging Spell:
Stands still and hoists his weapon into the air to cast. This will unleash a wide arc Dark magic attack that is easy to avoid by simply getting to the side or behind him. This is also an opening for some free hits. Don't use the pillars for cover, the spells will break them.


Faith Strategy:

Velstadt is weak to Lightning, so a Faith build has an advantage here. Wait for him to initiate a swing of his weapon, then roll towards and behind him and throw your best Lightning Spear. He is somewhat slow at walking, so if you run away you should be able to create some distance and get a spell or two off before he approaches.

Melee Strategy:

Start off by locking onto the target right away. Get as close to him as you can and when he begins preparing his attack, roll towards him to the left side. This should dodge if not all, most of his attacks.
There is one attack in particular where he will swing twice. Rolling once will not suffice as he will most likely hit you with his second swing. Roll twice; both times towards his rear.
When he reaches around 50% health, he will begin channeling dark energy to strengthen his attacks and slightly speed up his movements. Use this opportunity to unleash attacks on him. He will be open for attack for about ten seconds.

If you use a shield, keep blocking while moving backwards. This way only the overhead smash will break your guard. His other attacks will hit you once but by backing away you'll avoid the rest.

Sorcery Strategy:

This boss battle should be a comfortable one for any sorcerer as the Aegis' attacks are slow and easily dodged.

In the first half of the fight Velstadt will only use his hammer attacks, which must be dodged by rolling diagonally forward, never backwards (it is convenient to not lock-on during dodging to keep the camera movement in check). After dodging, lock-on again and keep moving away from the boss while spell-casting.

Upon half health, Velstadt kneels down to either charge his Dark Hail magic or buff himself. Both are lengthy animations, but for the Dark Hail attack, it is recommended to circle around him before initiating an attack, as he tracks your direction for a small while before firing. Don't get greedy, as both his Dark Magic and buffed great-hammer are likely to greatly damage. Do NOT use the pillars to hide from the Dark Hail attack; they will not block it. After the charging animation, the boss becomes moderately resistant to damage in general, so keep your sorceries handy for the second half of the fight.

Keep to the dodging, spell-casting while moving away strategy and the Aegis should fall in no time.

Bow Strategy:

This assumes a +8-+10 Longbow and no shield.

Velstadt's attack patterns are incredibly easy to dodge when at range, simply kite him from one end of his room to the other, dodging backwards whenever he thrusts his mace or you feel he may hit you with one of his sweeps. You'll need around 30 Poison arrows to kill him, poisoning him around 4 times while damaging him with Iron Arrows. Fire an arrow at him whenever he is recovering from a non-combo attack, and be sure to keep him poisoned. It takes around 5 or so arrows to poison him, so it will take a few cycles of him attacking and you counter attacking to get him poisoned.

When he goes into his Dark mode, simply roll through or run around to his back during his Dark Hail attack and continue pelting him with arrows. He's not an especially hard boss for a Bow user, but summoning the NPC summon is recommended against as he will simply stand in front of the boss and die before Velstadt gets to his dark phase, leaving you with a very powerful boss to fight on your own.

This strategy may take a few minutes, but as long as you don't falter the boss should die without much effort.


  • He can be parried but not riposted. Parrying him leaves a very small window to attack him. The parry is useful as an alternative block and not so much an opening to attack, as he recovers from it quickly.
  • Similar to Garl Vinland from Demon's Souls in both function and appearance.
  • Aegis is a noun meaning the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization.


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