Royal Rat Authority
NG hp.png souls.png
0 4,330 14,000
1 6,928 28,000
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 0 0
5 0 0
6 0 0
7 13,164 56,000
physical_vs_strike.png 100%
physical_vs_thrust.png 100%
physical_vs_slash.png 100%
fire_defence.png 10%
magic_defence.png 30%
lightning_defence.png 30%
dark_defence.png 30%
poison_damage.png Susceptible
bleed_damage.png Susceptible


Soul of the Rat King Authority,
of the underground realm.

Those who choose to serve the Rat King
must have the courage to face His challenges.

— Description of the Royal Rat Authority Soul

A loyal servant of the Rat King and the enforcer of his authority,
this gargantuan Dog Rat is also responsible for testing the strength and virtue of visitors to his lord's domain.
He is alarmed to the presence of intruders by his four rat minions who he guards with his life.

— Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Guide Description


Doors of Pharros:
Near Ordeal's End bonfire.
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 4,330 14,000
2 (NG+) 6,928 28,000
8 (NG+7) 13,164 56,000

Bonfire Ascetic respawn: Ordeal's End bonfire.


Note that summoning of any kind is not possible in Doors of Pharros, so this boss has to be fought solo.



Head Lunge
An extremely hard-hitting attack with an equally bad hitbox and fast start-up animation which can also hit if the player is near the boss's mid-section and front legs.

Forepaw Two-Combo:
The boss strikes first with his right forepaw, then his left. Both forepaw swings whiff completely if the player is located underneath the beast's belly; if he isn't, they seem to be partly unblockable for some reason.

Acid Barf:
The boss emits a large pool of poisonous acid from his mouth which triggers automatically whenever the boss reaches a low enough health threshold. This attack cannot only kill the player by poison if exposed to it for too long, but it will also wear down the durability of any equipment wielded.

After vomiting, the Royal Rat Authority will perform slower, lazier attacks.


It is highly advised to aggressively rush in and take out the rat minions first as they can inflict poison.

Stay under the belly of the boss where his forepaw strikes are rendered ineffective.


To dispatch the rat minions as a melee character, the player has to use a wide-swinging, hard-hitting weapon. The first step in this fight is running to the right side of the room and baiting two or three of the rats to attack, then dispatching them two or three with one swing; if the player fails, it is advised that the player divert his attention towards the larger rat and run away towards him and dodge his incoming attacks, since the smaller rats can be killed safely if the player sticks to the left side of the boss (near his left hind leg) and attack the minions there.

A bow can be also used to kill the minions.

After killing the smaller rats, the player should run and stick to the left side of the rat (near his left hind leg) and hit. There are dangerous spots in the middle and front of the rat, so staying there is risky. Another thing to avoid is letting the rat dodge or stay far away, since he his dangerous in that distance.

If the player can successfully stay near the left hind leg, getting hit is nearly impossible unless the players lets the rat run away and initiate the head lunge.

To dodge the head lunge, the player has to anticipate the animation (the boss will stick his head down and charge) and immediately run backwards and dodge in the same backwards direction at a precise timings. This attack can also hit the player if he is near his mid-section and front legs.

The rat boss will initiate his acid barf attack at low health. This can kill the player, had the latter decided to stay there and land the finishing blow.

Caster Strategy:

If you're a hexer, use Scraps of Life to kill the four mongrel rats, then use Dead Again to kill the boss in one or two casts.
A sorcerer can lock onto and kill the small rats in one hit from distance with Great Heavy Soul Arrows before the boss jumps to the arena.

Pyromancy Strategy:

Neither the boss nor the small rats attack you when you enter the boss area, only once you initiate combat yourself. Take advantage of this by setting up a wall of Lingering Flame orbs between yourself and the rats. Draw the rats into your wall of lingering flame orbs - such as with a bow - and the orbs will explode when the rats come close, killing them off. This allows you to fight the boss itself without the small rats being a problem.


  • You can use this boss to farm Pharros' Lockstones and Rat Tails. Unlike the other rats in this area, the four rats at the boss will not stop respawning after you kill them 15 times. Use an area-of-effect spell like Firestorm and kill the four rats, loot their corpses fast and collect the dropped items, then die to the boss. It is advised to increase the drop rate by wearing equipment such as Jester's Cap and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring which raise item find. Rinse and repeat as needed.
  • If you die to the vomit after inflicting the killing blow, victory is not achieved and you will have to kill the boss again.
  • Souls series veterans shouldn't have any problems with the boss once the minion rats are vanquished as his moveset is extremely close to the move set of Great Grey Wolf Sif in DS1, only has lesser range.
  • The four smaller Rats use NORMAL-TIER.


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