Prowling Magus & the Congregation
NG hp.png souls.png
0 5,200 7,000
1 8,320 14,000
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 0 0
5 0 0
6 0 0
7 14,740 21,000
physical_vs_strike.png -%
physical_vs_thrust.png -%
physical_vs_slash.png -%
fire_defence.png -%
magic_defence.png -%
lightning_defence.png -%
dark_defence.png -%
poison_damage.png Susceptible
bleed_damage.png Susceptible


This boss fight is a combination of two bosses. One is a Dark sorcerer, the Prowling Magus. The other is the Undead Laborer horde of enemies that surround him, and crawling Undead Supplicants. Among them there are two Hollow Priests.


Brightstone Cove Tseldora:
At the end of the path past the first bonfire, inside a building.
Health Souls
1 (NG) Magus: 1,100
Priest x2: 900
Laborer x5: 280
Supplicant x3: 300
2 (NG+) Magus: 1,760
Priest x2: 1,440
Laborer x5: 448
Supplicant x3: 480
8 (NG+7) Magus: 3,344
Priest x2: 2,200
Laborer x5: 852
Supplicant x3: 912

Bonfire Ascetic respawn: Royal Army Campsite bonfire.

Prowling Magus:

  • 50% Magic Defense
  • 10% Lightning Defense
  • 30% Fire Defense
  • 50% Dark Defense

Hollow Priest:

  • 50% Magic Defense
  • 50% Lightning Defense
  • 30% Fire Defense
  • 30% Dark Defense

Undead Laborer:

  • 10% Magic Defense
  • 30% Lightning Defense
  • 30% Fire Defense
  • 30% Dark Defense

Undead Supplicant:

  • 10% Magic Defense
  • 30% Lightning Defense
  • 30% Fire Defense
  • 30% Dark Defense

Prowling Magus:

  • 100% Strike
  • 100% Thrust
  • 100% Slash

Hollow Priest:

  • 100% Strike
  • 135% Thrust
  • 135% Slash

Undead Laborer:

  • 100% Strike
  • 135% Thrust
  • 135% Slash

Undead Supplicant:

  • 100% Strike
  • 100% Thrust
  • 100% Slash




Prowling Magus
Dark Wrath of the Gods:
A Dark-powered Force that sends the character flying, only used at close range.

Dark Orb:
Sends a ball of Dark at the player that does moderate damage.

Dark Arrow:
Fires a fast-moving projectile vaguely resembling the Soul Arrow sorcery; has a slightly longer range than the Dark Orb spell.

Hollow Priest
Sunlight Spear:
A high damage Lightning Spear.

Great Med Heal:
Greatly replenishes health of nearby allies.

Undead Supplicant
Melee Attacks:
Low damage.


As soon as you enter the boss room, you begin in a church-like area. In front of you is a bunch of crawling hollows which are easy to dispose of. Then there are the three enemies you seriously need to worry about: the two Hollow Priests, and the Magus.

The best way to go about this is to get rid of the Priests first as they can cast an area of effect heal miracle. Watch out for their Sunlight Spears that can deal heavy damage.

Use the pews in the room to your advantage. If you place yourself behind them, spells cast by the Hollow Priests will hit them instead of you. This is a good opportunity to heal or cast your own spells.

This is a strength in numbers boss battle. The best method here is to just go nuts. Attack as many of them as you can. Their poise is low so any strong weapon can break their poise.

Flame Swathe or Scraps of Life work wonders, as does any area of effect spell. Be patient and unload your spells after the sorcerers cast their spells. Because all enemies in the room are hollow, Soul Appease also works very well.
Well-placed Dark Fogs or Toxic Mists will poison and eventually kill all the enemies.
Sorcerers can use Soul Greatsword as it will consecutively hit most enemies and do a decent amount of damage.


  • A good boss to co-op for Sunlight Medals, as the boss is quite easy.
  • Magus and the priests can be backstabbed.


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