Mytha The Baneful Queen
NG hp.png souls.png
0 3,650 20,000
1 6,850 40,000
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 0 0
5 0 0
6 0 0
7 12,888 80,000
physical_vs_strike.png 110%
physical_vs_thrust.png 120%
physical_vs_slash.png 93%
fire_defence.png 15%
magic_defence.png 50%
lightning_defence.png 50%
dark_defence.png 30%
poison_damage.png Immune
bleed_damage.png Susceptible


Soul of Mytha, the Baneful Queen, who lives in the Earthen Peak.

The Queen sought the King's affection,
even poisoning herself to attain beauty,
despite the monstrous consequences.
All for the compelling madness known as love.

— Description of the Mytha, the Baneful Queen Soul

Dagger forged from the soul of Mytha,
the Baneful Queen, Coated with a potent poison.

Mytha was the fairest queen in the land,
until something unhinged her.
Was it the poison found deep within the earth,
or the passion that consumed her heart?

— Description of Mytha's Bent Blade

That creature, she was human, once, you know.
Hmm, in fact, she was wed to the Prince of that nearby castle.
But her husband, hmm, he had feelings for another.
The Princess was desperate, and sought eternal beauty.
Hoping that it would restore the Prince's, ah, affection, ha you see what I mean.
Before long, the Princess' ire transformed her into a monster.

Laddersmith Gilligan Dialogue


Earthen Peak:
At the top of Earthen Peak, by the Upper Earthen Peak bonfire.
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 3,650 20,000
2 (NG+) 6,850 40,000
8 (NG+7) 12,888 80,000

Bonfire Ascetic respawn: Upper Earthen Peak bonfire.


  • Jester Thomas
    • Found outside the fog wall in the poison pit. He is a pyromancer and very helpful for this fight, even capable of soloing the boss sometimes.
  • Devotee Scarlett
    • From the Lower Earthen Peak bonfire, proceed to the narrow bridge where a Grave Warden is waiting at the other end. Devotee Scarlett's summon sign is a few steps behind the Warden. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin only.
  • Bashful Ray
    • Found near the wooden fence by the ledge where Laddersmith Gilligan is found. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin only.



Spear Stab Combo:
Stabs twice with her spear, and sometimes ends with a downward strike. Has good tracking, so be sure to dodge at the right moment.

Spear Lunge:
Rushes quickly forward with her spear and stabs. This attack has long range and is carried out quickly.

Tail swipe:
Done when the player is behind her, she swipes her tail to the left. Dodge by rolling to the left or right. Her tail can be cut off stopping her from using her swipe attack with it, making the fight easier.

Spear Spin:
Lifts up her spear and quickly spins it around 3 times.

Raises her severed head and shoots out multiple bolts of magic with a scream, that fan out horizontally.

Soul Spear:
Raises her head and shoots out a single homing bolt.

Backward Jumping Swipe:
Slashes horizontally with her spear while leaping backwards.

Head Throw:
Throws her severed head in front of her in which then it explodes. Be sure to dodge the attack, as it can do a lot of damage. Mytha then lunges to grab back the tossed head (during which she is highly vulnerable)

Grabs the target in front of her and drops them after dealing high damage (try baiting this, highly punishable)


Before entering this battle, head to the Central Earthen Peak bonfire. Use the bonfire to light a torch. Now across from the bonfire, you will see a large windmill spinning. Go as close as you can to it with the torch equipped, and you will get an option to set it on fire. Do this, and most of the poison in the area will drain. This helps immensely for this battle, as the poison heals Mytha.

Keep in mind there will still be some poison, but only on the outer rim of the arena.

Equip light armor so that you can dodge attacks quickly. Usually dodging to the left or right should suffice in evading most of her attacks.

You can dual wield Maces or other hammers like Clubs and and use the dual strong attack. This can be used to stunlock Mytha until she's dead.

Shield & Melee:
It is possible to kill Mytha using a shield. The most recommended shield is the Drangleic Shield. Keep in mind that you will still get damaged from magic, so make sure you know when to dodge her magical attacks. It should be easy, as long as you're not too close when she's about to drop her head or use her magic.

This tactic works best for those that are tanks or not too good with/don't want to do dodging.

The main objective here is to keep circling her but not get behind her, just one of her sides and keep your distance (don't get very close or you'll surely get grabbed and die or get huge amounts of damage if you have enough HP), block her spear stabs and then hit her one or two times. Make sure you save up at least 50% of your stamina. When she lunges, you can either try blocking it or dodge it. Her lunge attack reduces a lot of stamina, at least half of it, so it is recommended to dodge if you want to keep your stamina.

If you keep circling her, maintain your distance, dodge her magical attacks and block her spear stabs and then attack her after blocking them, you'll surely survive with no HP loss.

Wearing the Redeye Ring as a summon makes this fight very easy for the world master. You can tank her from range, and most of her attacks won't even land or can be easily blocked or avoided.

If you are a summon you want to instruct the host in how to light up the windmill to get rid of the poison (as phantoms cannot set the windmill on fire), this is any easy way to do so. Grab their attention using the "I Won't Bite" gesture. Have them follow you to the bonfire. Once there, alternate lighting your torch, equip your weapon, light torch again until they catch on. Walk over to the windmill and us the "Point" gesture for where they need to go.

Low equip burden is recommended for mobility. Roll to the sides to avoid her attacks and counter with spells, stay in her melee range but just far enough to safely cast your spells. Especially spells with long cast times. Soul Spear, etc. (Be careful not to fall in the poison water). Fire pyromancies are recommended spells for this battle.

Or as an alternative summon phantoms (ex: Jester Thomas mainly for his pyromancies) and provide magic support while they tank the boss. Once again do not walk in the poison and also watch out for her powerful spells.


  • Her tail can be severed to prevent a few of her attacks.
  • If she enters the poison, she will start regenerating health slowly.
  • If she is killed during her thrown head attack, another will appear in her hand to complete the death animation, meaning that she will briefly have two heads before disappearing.
  • Firebombs deal nice damage to her but are slow and you will likely be hit during the recovery animation so therefore are not recommended for this fight without high defense/poise.


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