Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin
NG hp.png souls.png
0 6,800 0
1 8,160 0
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 0 0
5 0 0
6 0 0
7 15,504 0
physical_vs_strike.png 50%
physical_vs_thrust.png 65%
physical_vs_slash.png 77%
fire_defence.png 51%
magic_defence.png 37%
lightning_defence.png 30%
dark_defence.png 51%
poison_damage.png Susceptible
bleed_damage.png Immune


The twisted form of King Vendrick's brother, his human body was cast away as a result of his terrible experiments into the curse of the undead.
Seeking to obtain immortality as a means of averting the undead curse, he experimented on the Giants in his manor.
Thinking the dragons could hold the answer to immortality, he used the souls of Giants to recreate an Ancient Dragon.

General Information

Added in patch 1.10 of the Scholar of the First Sin update, Aldia appears as a new NPC that the player will encounter several times throughout their journey. Having been only previously known through item descriptions that depicted Aldia's attempts to recreate an Ancient Dragon as a means of obtaining immortality, he was never visually encountered and it could only be speculated as to what happened to him. With the new patch, Aldia serves as an NPC to help fill in the gaps of the lore of Drangleic as well as explain what ultimately happened in his experiments to obtain immortality.

After visiting him in three unique locations and having defeated Vendrick, he can be fought as a new final boss after Nashandra is defeated. You can choose to leave, prompting an alternate ending, similar to the ending of the first Dark Souls.


Black Gulch, Sinner's Rise, Brightstone Cove Tseldora, or Iron Keep:
You will first encounter Aldia at the last of the four primal bonfires that represent the Old Ones that you have lit. If you are playing a character that has already lit all four primal bonfires, then he will appear at Black Gulch. After exhausting all of his dialogue, he will disappear, moving on to the next location.

Undead Crypt:
Aldia will appear at the entrance of the Crypt as soon as you exit the elevator from Shrine of Amana. The first bonfire will have been moved to the center of the main hall where Aldia will wait for you. Exhausting his dialogue once again will move him to his final location.

Dragon Shrine:
Aldia's final appearance will be at the bonfire as soon as you enter the Shrine.

Throne of Want:
If you have met Aldia in the previous three locations and defeated Vendrick, Aldia will appear as a new final boss after Nashandra's defeat.
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 6,800 0
2 (NG+) 8,160 0
8 (NG+7) 15,504 0


  • Benhart of Jugo
    • Found to the left of the boss fog. Only available if you've progressed his quest.
  • Head of Vengarl
    • Found to the right of the boss fog. Only available if you completed his quest.
  • Bashful Ray
    • Small white sign. In the Ruin Sentinels/Stone Soldiers room, near one of the two torch-holding golem statues in the back. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin only.
  • Pilgrim Bellclaire
    • Small white sign. Outside of the Dragonriders boss room. Can be brought down to this boss fight if the path is cleared first. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin only.
  • Bradley of the Old Guard
    • Found to the left of the fog gate. Only available if Aldia is ready to show up after Nashandra. Check his page for additional information. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin only.

Note: A maximum of 3 summons can be used at once.


  • Aldia is unique in that he is the only boss in the game that does not drop any souls or items.


Fire Mass:
Shoots four homing fire masses in quick succession.

Fire Orb:
Builds a large fire orb over his head and fires it at the player after five or so seconds.

Homing Branches:
Shoves a single appendage into the floor, creating a succession of wood pillars which encircles the player.

AoE Branches:
Shoves multiple appendages in the floor, creating a number of small fire AoEs from which wood pillars shoot up after a few moments.

Vanishes momentarily, and then re-emerges elsewhere in the boss room with an AoE attack.


  • Do not attack when Aldia is immersed in flames, you will take damage from the flames, and your attacks will do very little damage
  • Aldia is weak when he is not immersed in flames (after his teleport AOE attack, while he is charging his large fire orb, and during the multi-pillar attack)
  • His damage is mostly fire-based, so casting Flash Sweat and wearing the Flame Quartz Ring +3 will help with damage reduction
  • His flame attacks can be blocked, with minimal damage taken, using a fire infused shield (e.g., Rebel's Greatshield). But you are likely to be staggered nevertheless, as his attacks deal significant stamina damage.
  • A Gyrm Greatshield has 100% fire reduction and at +10 some of the highest stability in the game.


  • If you die fighting him you don't need to defeat Nashandra again in order for him to spawn.
  • Upon Aldia's defeat, you are given two endings to choose from. You can choose to either take the Throne which is the default ending prior to patch 1.10, or you can choose to leave the Throne, which is the new alternate ending.
  • There is a glitch in which Aldia will simply remain immersed in flames for the entire fight, allowing you to attack freely but you can still die from the flames and you still do very little damage.
  • During his appearance at any of the aforementioned bonfires, he is completely immune to damage, and attacking him will cause your weapon to bounce off if certain parts of his body are struck.
  • Assuming that the Shrine of Winter is passed with X million souls instead of visiting the four Primal Bonfires, and future bonfires that Aldia is meant to spawn from are visited, Aldia's questline can still be done. Returning to the Primal Bonfires for his initial meeting will cause him to spawn on future bonfires waiting for you, even though they have already been lit.
  • Although Aldia is vulnerable to damage during his multi-pillar attack, approaching him to attack during this phase is dangerous.


All dialogue text is © From Software Inc.

Voiced by: David Gant


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