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Bonfires act as checkpoints in the world of Drangleic. While resting at a bonfire you may fast-travel to any previously lit bonfire, burn certain items, or access your Item Box. Unlike in the first Dark Souls, you do not actually have to rest at a bonfire to return to it after death — you only need to light the bonfire. This is useful if you do not want the enemies that you have killed to respawn.

Resting at a bonfire has several effects:

When resting, you can access the bonfire menu. The menu gives you access to several options:

  • You can fast travel across Drangleic (provided you already lit the destination bonfire).
  • You can attune spells.
  • You can burn items.
  • You can access your Item Box to deposit or retrieve your equipment and items.

There are a few instances where accessing the bonfire is impossible:

  • Enemies are in close proximity to the bonfire.
  • A Blue or Red Phantom is invading your world, whether it is a Player or NPC.
  • You have summoned Players or NPCs in your world.
  • Note that you can still light unlit bonfires, but you can't rest at them.

Fast Travel Locations

Area Name Bonfire Name Landmark Notable For… Nearby Areas…
Things Betwixt Fire Keepers' Dwelling Character Re-specialization (Soul Vessel required) Majula
Majula The Far Fire Central hub Company of Champions and Way of Blue covenant location Forest of Fallen Giants, Things Betwixt, Shaded Woods, Heide's Tower of Flame, Huntsman's Copse, Grave of Saints, The Gutter
Forest of Fallen Giants The Crestfallen's Retreat Majula, The Lost Bastille
Cardinal Tower
Soldier's Rest
The Place Unbeknownst
Heide's Tower of Flame Heide's Ruin Majula, Cathedral of Blue, No Man's Wharf
Tower of Flame
Cathedral of Blue The Blue Cathedral Blue Sentinels covenant location Heide's Tower of Flame
No Man's Wharf Unseen Path to Heide Heide's Tower of Flame, The Lost Bastille
The Lost Bastille Exile Holding Cells Forest of Fallen Giants, No Man's Wharf, Sinner's Rise, Belfry Luna
McDuff's Workshop Steady Hand McDuff blacksmith location
Servants' Quarters Access to Belfry Luna
Straid's Cell Straid Of Olaphis
The Tower Apart
Belfry Luna Upper Ramparts Bell Keepers covenant location The Lost Bastille
Sinner's Rise The Saltfort The Lost Bastille
Huntsman's Copse Undead Refuge Felkin the Outcast Majula, Undead Purgatory, Harvest Valley
Bridge Approach
Undead Lockaway
Undead Purgatory Undead Purgatory Brotherhood of Blood covenant location Huntsman's Copse
Harvest Valley Poison Pool Majula, Huntsman's Copse, Earthen Peak
The Mines Heirs of the Sun covenant location
Earthen Peak Lower Earthen Peak Harvest Valley, Iron Keep
Central Earthen Peak
Upper Earthen Peak
Iron Keep Threshold Bridge Dragon Remnants covenant location Earthen Peak, Belfry Sol
Ironheart Hall
Eygil's Idol
Belfry Sol Belfry Sol Bell Keepers covenant location
Shaded Woods Old Akelarre Doors of Pharros, Aldia's Keep, Shrine of Winter, Majula
Ruined Fork Road
Shaded Ruins
Doors of Pharros Gyrm's Respite Lonesome Gavlan Shaded Woods, Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Ordeal's End
Brightstone Cove Tseldora Royal Army Campsite Doors of Pharros
Chapel Threshold Cromwell The Pardoner
Lower Brightstone Cove Weaponsmith Ornifex
Grave of Saints Harval's Resting Place Majula, The Gutter
Grave Entrance Rat King Covenant location
The Gutter Upper Gutter Grave of Saints, Black Gulch
Central Gutter
Black Gulch Black Gulch Mouth The Gutter
Hidden Chamber
Drangleic Castle King's Gate Shrine of Winter, King's Passage, Throne of Want
Under Castle Drangleic
Forgotten Chamber
Central Castle Drangleic
Shrine of Amana Tower of Prayer King's Passage, Undead Crypt
Crumbled Ruins
Rhoy's Resting Place
Rise of the Dead
Undead Crypt Undead Crypt Entrance Shrine of Amana
Undead Ditch
Aldia's Keep Foregarden Shaded Woods, Dragon Aerie
Ritual Site
Dragon Aerie Dragon Aerie Aldia's Keep, Dragon Shrine
Dragon Shrine Shrine Entrance Dragon Aerie
Shulva, Sanctum City Sanctum Walk Dragon's Sanctum
Tower of Prayer Dragon's Sanctum
Priestess' Chamber Cave of the Dead, Dragon's Sanctum
Dragon's Sanctum Hidden Sanctum Chamber Dragon's Rest, Cave of the Dead
Lair of the Imperfect
Sanctum Interior
Dragon's Rest Sanctum Nadir
Brume Tower Throne Floor Iron Keep, Iron Passage, Memory of the Old Iron King
Upper Floor
Lowermost Floor
The Smelter Throne
Iron Passage Iron Hallway Entrance Brume Tower
Frozen Eleum Loyce Outer Wall Shrine of Winter, Grand Cathedral, Frigid Outskirts
Abandoned Dwelling
Inner Wall
Lower Garrison
Expulsion Chamber
Grand Cathedral Grand Cathedral Frozen Eleum Loyce

Burnable Items

This is a list of burnable items and their effects:

Item Effect
Human Effigy Lower your chances of being invaded. It doesn't stop invasions, rather it resets your position to the bottom of the server queue.2
Bonfire Ascetic Increase difficulty of enemies in the surrounding area, similar to New Game+
Sublime Bone Dust3 Strengthens the Estus Flask, and increases the amount of HP recovered with each use.
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