Bonewheel Skeleton
Bonewheel Skeleton


Skeletons stuck on wagon wheels. Very dangerous when fought in groups or while distracted by other enemies.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 260 0
2 520 0
8 988 0
  • Can be backstabbed.
  • Unlike the Wheel Skeletons from Dark Souls, these ones are unable to 'grind' into your shield and drain all of your stamina. They roll for shorter periods of time as well.


Huntsman's Copse
Four of them spawn after killing the Skeleton Lord wielding a staff. In Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, only two spawn.



Weakness Effectiveness
Strike 150%
Thrust 70%
Slash 100%
Projectile 100%


Resistance Reduction
Fire 10%
Magic 30%
Lightning 30%
Dark 30%
Poison Susceptible
Bleed Susceptible


Wheel Description
Roll Rolls towards the player, damaging him/her with it's spikes.


Try to destroy them while they are still spawning. Barring that, try to evade their spinning charge, and then take them out while they are recovering.

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