Blue Tearstone Ring
blue tearstone ring

In-Game Description

A ring set with a rare tearstone.
Reacts when the wearer is in danger,
temporarily increasing its wearer's

Caitha, goddess of tears, mourns those who have
lost loved ones by shedding pure tears of blue.
It is said that the stone set in this ring
is one such tear.


  • Belfry Luna treasure. Drop down to the bottom floor through a hole in the second floor. It will be in a metal chest in the room you drop into.
  • Reward from gaining Rank 3 with the Way of Blue Covenant.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Blue Tearstone Ring Increases physical defense by 35% when HP is below 30% 110 1.0


  • Actually grants 35% physical damage reduction, applied after flat physical damage reduction from armor.
  • Very useful for avoiding deaths from pesky things players like to use against low-health targets, such as throwing knives.
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