Blue Sentinel Targray


Sir Targray oversees the original chapter of the Blue Sentinels based in the Cathedral of Blue in Heide.

Although he sometimes comes across as condescending due to his unwavering faith in the righteousness of his actions, in reality Targray is selfless and stoic; determined to train himself to achieve a higher state of mind and help fellow Knights of Blue. Targray remained in Drangleic to continue supporting his comrades even after people began fleeing the ruined kingdom and he himself became Undead.


Cathedral of Blue
Found on the balcony after the fight with the Old Dragonslayer, and before the Cathedral of Blue bonfire.

If you speak to him with a Token of Fidelity in your inventory, he'll give you the option to join the Blue Sentinels covenant.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,550 1,500
2 3,100 3,000
8 12,400 6,000

Event Items

Item Conditions for Receipt
Guardian's Seal Join the Blue Sentinels covenant.
"Duel Bow" gesture Join the Blue Sentinels covenant and speak to him.
Spirit Tree Shield Speak to him after reaching Rank 1 in the Blue Sentinels covenant.
Wrath of the Gods Speak to him after reaching Rank 2 in the Blue Sentinels covenant.
Bountiful Sunlight Speak to him after reaching Rank 3 in the Blue Sentinels covenant.
Targray's Set Speak to him after reaching Rank 3 in the Blue Sentinels covenant.


Weapon Total Soul Cost Notes
Morning Star 1,600
Halberd 2,500
Consumables Total Soul Cost Notes
Monastery Charm 3 2,200 Heals poison and restores HP.
Holy Water Urn 300 Throwable item that damages hollows.
Boltstone 7,000 Used to infuse weapons with Lightning.
Cracked Blue Eye Orb 10,000 Only available in NG+ and above.
Scrolls Total Soul Cost Notes
Emit Force 1 4,200 Miracle
Heavenly Thunder 1 3,300 Miracle




  • Drops only his halberd if slain. Merchant Hag Melentia will have his armor set for sale.
  • It costs 6,000 souls to revive him from his gravestone.


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