Bleed Resist


In-Game Description

Resistance to incisive bleeding attacks. Bleeding drains HP and stamina.


Resistance against Bleed.

  • Scales with Faith and Adaptability.
  • Every fourth Faith will increase Bleed Reistance one tick, three out of four Adaptability will increase Bleed Resistance one tick
  • Start with 0 Bleed Resistance and gain 6 Bleed Resistance per tick between 1 and 10 ticks, total 60 Bleed Resistance at 10 tricks
  • Between 11 and 20 ticks you gain 8 Bleed Resistance per tick, total 140 Bleed Resistance at 20 ticks
  • Between 21 and 60 ticks you gain one Bleed Resistance per tick, total 180 Bleed Resistance at 60 ticks
  • Between 61 and 99 ticks you gain one Bleed Resistance every other tick for a total of of 200 Bleed Resistance at 99 Faith and 99 Adaptability

Ways to increase Bleed Resistance

Method Increase
Iron Flesh 200
Perseverance 300
Red Leech Troches 200
Yorgh's Spear 70
Ring of Resistance 120
Bloodbite Ring 150/300
Executioner Helm +5 63
Creighton's Chainmail +10 95
Havel's Gauntlets +5 55
Dragon Acolyte Boots +10 66
Adaptability See note above
Faith See note above
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