Once the Bleed meter is full, the target's HP will be damaged by 200. It will also reduce the maximum stamina of the target to 75% for 5 to 10 seconds.

Enemy Causes of Bleed

Cause of Bleed Location
Dark Stalker No-man's Wharf
Stray Dog No-man's Wharf
The Lost Bastille
Frozen Eleum Loyce
Artificial Undead Huntsman's Copse
Harvest Valley
Crescent Sickle Phantom Earthen Peak
Alonne Knight Iron Keep
Memory of the Old Iron King
Alonne Knight Captain Iron Keep
Drangleic Castle
Memory of the Old Iron King
Lizardman Shrine of Amana
Ogre Things Betwixt
Shrine of Amana
Aldia's Keep
Suspicious Shadow No-man's Wharf
Giant Undead Boar Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Washing Pole Phantom Drangleic Castle
Iron Warrior
Brume Tower
Iron Passage
Prowlers Brume Tower
Spellsword Frozen Eleum Loyce
Ice Rat Frozen Eleum Loyce
Afflicted Graverobber Cave of the Dead
Sir Alonne Memory of the Old Iron King

Player Methods of inflicting Bleed

If you intend to wield a weapon that inflicts bleed, it's important to be aware of your Bleed ATK Bonus stat.

Your Bleed ATK Bonus does NOT affect the total amount of damage the bleed will do; it only increases the amount of bleed buildup you will inflict per hit.

Increasing Bleed bonus

Dexterity and Faith increase the Bleed ATK Bonus stat.

Steady Hand McDuff is able to imbue your weapon with bleed with a Bleed Stone after you've given him the Dull Ember.

Shadow Gauntlets and Crest of Blood increase bleed damage on weapons that have either innate bleed or are infused with it:

  • Weapons with innate Bleed get 50 points of extra damage.
  • Weapons infused with Bleed get 25 points of extra damage.
  • Weapons with innate Bleed AND infused with Bleed get 60 points of extra damage.
  • These items stack, so wearing both of them and using a Bleed-infused weapon grants 50 points of extra damage.

Resisting and Avoiding Bleed

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